KILIG THROWBACK! JoshLia plays Truth or Dare on TWBA!

JoshLia shippers got a special treat from their idols Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto as the love team plays Truth or Dare in this TWBA Online Exclusive. Intriguing questions from the netizens and their supporters made the game more exciting.

The pair exchanged looks when prompted to recall their first anniversary celebration and the gifts they received from each other. It seemed they are not into material things, saying none. 

On which of the artists who had been linked to each other they got jealous of, Julia displayed her natural chatty side while Joshua was a bit speechless. Julia confidently said she isn’t the jealous type, contrary to her partner. “Wala akong pinagselosan kahit isa kay Joshua pero si Joshua lahat nang na-link sa akin pinagselosan niya,” she said. Joshua claimed he isn’t, either, sending Julia into laughter.

Julia proved she pays attention to the littlest details about her leading man when she made an impression him. She perfectly copied his facial expressions, mannerisms, and even how he reacts to questions about their relationship.

Came next a ‘kilig’ challenge wherein they had to eat a stick of biscuit from both ends. Fans almost got to witness the love team’s first on-screen kiss until Julia mentioned that her mother was watching, prompting Joshua to back off a little.

JoshLia was game to try on the makeup challenge wherein Julia would put blush on her boyfriend’s cheeks. When asked for a shout out to the last person who hurt them, Julia burned that someone with, “I’m happier now! He’s better than you!”

The couple guested on TWBA to promote their first-ever teleserye team-up for Ngayon at Kailanman.