Julia Barretto: “Masarap magmahal nang todo-todo.” | TWBA Throwback

Julia Barretto, Ina Raymundo, and Maris Racal became really good friends while filming the thriller movie, “Block Z.” And just like any other girl gang, they bond on the set by talking about random topics like beauty and love life. Ina is glad that her younger co-stars trust her with the matters of their hearts. Maris and Julia admit that they are drawn to Ina’s motherly care.

When asked if boys also have their own version of girl talk, the ladies say that they have never encountered a nosy guy. Ina thinks men would rather bond over playing video games than tackle issues. “They would either play games or play girls,” quips Julia.

On the topic about love, Julia describes herself as sacrificial and she doesn’t regret giving her all when in a relationship. Ina reveals that she quitted smoking because of the person she loves and she would let go of all her vices if needed. Maris confesses that she is willing to give up everything for love and she would fight hard for the one who owns her heart. Boy Abunda agrees that nothing feels better than falling in love. At the same time, he reminds Maris and Julia to surround themselves with people concerned enough to tell when to slow down.

A strong believer of forgiveness and closure, Maris is open to befriending an ex even if the process may take some time. Julia agrees, adding that turning a bad romantic relationship into a beautiful friendship is a sign that both parties have moved on. Ina thinks otherwise. She isn’t friends with any of her exes but she also understands the need for showbiz ex-couples to be in good terms.

On closures, Ina and Maris look at it as an essential part of moving on, while Julia feels that there is no need for a post-breakup talk. “Sometimes, not having closure is already a closure,” Julia asserts.