Jayda sa posibilidad na magustuhan at ligawan siya ni Darren: “I’m flattered.”

“Musical collaboration” is how artists Jayda Avanzado and Jeremy Glinoga brand their kind of partnership. The team-up is purely professional at the moment but they are not closing their doors to the possibilities of a deeper relationship in the future.

The two singers work together for a single entitled “Perfectly Imperfect”, a song about self-love that Jayda wrote when she was fourteen. Jayda wished to have Jeremy interpret the piece because of how he pours his heart to every performance but they surprisingly sounded good together, hence, the duet. In return, Jeremy feels honored to be working with Jayda and adds that he’s always been a fan of her music.

After singing a few lines from “Perfectly Imperfect”, the young performers talk about their insecurities. For Jeremy, it has always been his Filipino speaking skills but he’s learning to cope with it by reading a lot of Tagalog materials. Meanwhile, Jayda reveals that she used to be insecure with her crooked teeth that she managed to fix through orthodontics. She also wished to have a curvier body. But the young Avanzado learned to embrace herself, and even came up with the song “Perfectly Imperfect” to remind others that having flaws is normal.

On the second gap of the interview, Jeremy looks back on his past confession about his feelings for fellow The Voice Teens Philippines graduate Isabella Vinzon who remained just a crush to him. There was no courtship that happened between them and they now have lesser projects together.

As a reaction to Darren Espanto’s plans to pursue her at the right time, Jayda says she is flattered with his admiration. But her mind is currently fixed on her career and not on things related to romance. Although, Jayda is open to accepting suitors as long as she sees the guy treating her and her family with respect. She also denies the alleged jealousy between her and Cassie Legaspi who is also close to Darren. In fact, she and Cassie, daughter of her Ninang Carmina Villarroel, are good friends.

To cap off the episode, Jayda and Jeremy take on the “Song Association” Challenge. Jayda interprets the words sinta, want, kiss, and star while Jeremy plays with the words dalaga, heart, mistletoe, and baby. They end challenge with a short duet of Side-A’s “Forevermore.”