Inigo to Maris: “Are you still carrying negative emotions towards me?”

Fans of Inigo Pascual and Maris Racal, or MarNigo, were devastated when they confirmed the bittersweet ending of their short-lived real-life romance. According to Inigo and Maris, they broke up in December 2018. 

Last night, Maris and Inigo took the TWBA hot seat together. The ex-lovers appeared comfortable and friendly with each another but the ambience became emotional when they threw in personal questions to one another.

Inigo asked if Maris still holds negative emotions towards him. The Pamilya Ko star smiled and said she has already let go of any ill feelings. Meanwhile, Maris’ question grilled Inigo and almost put Boy Abunda in tears. “Hindi ka lang ba ready noon or ayaw mo lang talaga?” Maris asked.

Inigo was a bit speechless at first but clarified that he is simply not yet ready to jump into a relationship that time. But, the actor admitted he also felt sad and their situation broke his heart as well. “It wasn’t intentional. It was sad that it had to be that way. I didn’t want to break her heart and it’s sad that we went through it”, Inigo said. “Maris was ready to give everything but I was in a situation where I could not give my all,” Piolo Pascual’s son clarified.  

The two are currently out of the dating scene. When asked about the chances of rekindling their romance, Inigo and Maris insist they are happy being friends at the moment but they would not clearly try to pre-empt the future.