Isabelle Daza is a hands-on mother to her son, Balthazar Gabriel and she is praised for her motherhood principles. The Playhouse star is also being applauded for giving utmost importance to her helpers at home. 

Through the idea of her husband, Adrien, Belle creates a contract between her and her helpers. She believes that it will protect and benefit both parties. The document contains the helpers’ deliverables including what they are expected to do and things that are no longer part of their duties. Included in the agreement are the maids’ vacation guidelines because Belle believes that they deserve such pampering as well.

She also made an effort to get to know them better by giving them a questionnaire asking about what makes them happy or sad. For Belle, helpers also deserve a working environment where their EQs are being treated with respect.

Belle also encourages her aids to save their hard-earned money. At the end of the year, she doubles the amount in their bank accounts.

The It Girls, whom Belle is a part of, are known for their unstoppable views which often get viral online. In an interview with Boy Abunda, Belle is asked if is there is any opinion that she regrets publicizing. She admits that she has said a lot of mistakes in the past but she believes that lessons are always learned the hard way. 

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