Donny Pangilinan shares how Belle Mariano inspired him

While strolling around a mall, Donny Pangilinan gamely held hands with fellow VJ Robi Domingo as part of the latter’s vlog challenge. Donny says they just both wanted to break toxic masculinity in a fun way. He believes there is no limit to showing affection contrary to the stereotype imposed by the society. Donny admits that he felt different after the challenge as it was something new to him but he realized that people must not be forced to stop expressing love the way they want to.

Donny is part of the Valentine movie “James and Pat and Dave” alongside real-life couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte. He expresses appreciation over the lovebirds for treating him like a friend and not just another third wheel. He never felt left out on the set.

Apart from the said movie, Donny is also starring in an iWant material titled “He’s Into Her” as a leading man to Belle Mariano. Their undeniable chemistry prompts fans to wish for a deeper relationship between them. Donny smiles and explains that it’s only been two months since he and Belle started working together, so now is not the best time to see things through the romantic lens. He is focused on his projects. Nevertheless, he feels inspired by the determination and passion he sees from the former Goin’ Bulilit star even if others doubt her capabilities. 

Now that Belle is in the picture, fans are curious if deleting photos on his social media signals that Donny has completely erased former love team partner Kisses Delavin out of his life. Donny clarifies that there’s no significant meaning behind cleansing his Instagram feed. He simply wanted to try it out since it was the New Year and he promises not to kick Kisses’ photos out. While they haven’t talked for a while, Donny hopes that Kisses is doing well.

The Kapamilya heartthrob receives a little surprise for his 22nd birthday. Apart from a blockbuster hit for “James and Pat and Dave”, Donny also wishes that the entire country would continue moving forward after facing a series of devastating events in the past month.