Dimples, suportado ang anak na si Callie sa pangarap nitong maging beauty queen

The King of Talk Boy Abunda started the show by congratulating Dimples Romana for bringing home the Best Actress in a Supporting Role trophy from the Asian Academy Creative Awards in Singapore.

Dimples then turned emotional as she recalled rushing her husband, Boyet Ahmee, in the hospital after he started throwing up blood at one in the morning. Boyet, who has just gone through a throat operation at that time, ate a little more than the doctor’s advice, hence, the terrifying side effect. Dimples thought that she was going to lose her husband.

Talking more about her family, the actress shared that her 15-year-old daughter, Calie, has a lot of admirers. But she advised her to keep it a secret from her Dad. Calie also dreams of becoming a beauty queen and is willing to undergo public speaking trainings with the King of Talk himself. It probably runs in the blood since Dimples has once joined a pageant to fulfil her mother’s request. But after being crowned as the first Binibining Paranaque, she realized that pageantry is not her passion.

To end the interview, Tito Boy dared Dimples to answer several pageant questions as Daniela Mondragon, her fierce character in the hit afternoon series Kadenang Ginto. “To speak their voice but with courtesy; to express themselves but with respect,” said Dimples when asked the Miss Universe 2019 final question about the most important thing that must be taught to young girls.

“I would have ridden on my luggage, made it into a float, and paddled myself away,” her response on the question “If you were trapped in an island, how did you get there?” Meanwhile, Dimples refused to answer the Fast Talk question, “Does size matter?”

Dimples portrays the role of Tita Modi in the upcoming movie “The Mall, The Merrier”, an entry to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival.