Dimples, ikinuwento kung gaano kaiba ang personalidad ng mga anak na sina Callie at Alonzo

A mother will always make sure to display unbreakable strength in front of her children even if she feels twofold of her child’s pain. Such was the case of Kapamilya actress Dimples Romana when she found out that her teenage daughter Callie was being bullied in school.

Dimples was just asking Callie about her day when she got a surprising response. According to Dimples, Callie told her, “I’m okay. I looked out to the field so I won’t feel too sad that I’m eating alone’.” Dimples was confused on why her daughter needed to be alone during lunch, then, Callie explained, “My friend said she didn’t have time for lunch but I saw her having lunch with somebody else.”

Apparently, Callie was being bullied because “she looks different” and for having brown eyes which her schoolmates compared to that of a vampire’s. Dimples tried her best to uplift her daughter. She reminded her of how beautiful she is, telling Callie that she’s a pretty vampire, then.

Dimples had to act strong in front of Callie even if she’s hurt deep down inside. Later, she cried in private. “Ang hirap pala nito kasi iba pala ‘yung pain na mararamdaman if it was your child and you can’t do anything about it.” Dimples thought of transferring Callie to another school but her husband Boyet had a different stand about the situation. She says that Boyet believes taking Callie out will only teach the child that running away from bullies is okay. “She’s going to figure this out on her own. And we trust that she’s a strong young lady and she went through it,” Dimples shares.

The Kadenang Ginto star continues to talk about her kids, telling that Callie is the reserved type while the youngest, Alonzo is the one who’s always game to perform and even mingle with fans. Dimples smiles with pride while Alonzo’s dance performance is shown on the screen.