Cristine Reyes, aminadong naka-focus sa anak na si Amarah

Lead stars of “Untrue”, Xian Lim and Cristine Reyes, answer questions about their love life. After breaking her silence on separation with ex-husband Ali Khatibi, people are curious if Cristine is now ready to enter the dating scene again. “I don’t look for it. Darating ‘yun kung meron”, she asserts. The Kapamilya actress says that she is willing to wait for the right time but her daughter’s welfare and future still remain her top priority now. Cristine turned 31 last February 5 and her birthday wishes are “more blessings and a healthier life”.

Meanwhile, Xian expounds on a previous statement where he said that he doesn’t see himself getting married with girlfriend, Kim Chiu. “Not yet,” he clarifies. “Feeling ko ang bata ko pa para doon. I still have so much responsibilities to do and there are so many things that I want to be able to accomplish. As a man, there are so many insecurities I still have to overcome before jumping on that very big step,” Xian explains.

To end the interview, Xian and Cristine take on the “Untrue” Fast Talk Challenge where the answers to Boy Abunda’s questions are just either ‘true’ or ‘untrue’. Xian reveals that he was named after a province in China. He confirms the reported conflict with “Untrue” director, Sigrid Andrea Bernardo. “Yes, it’s true but it happened because it is an actor-director relationship. It’s completely normal. As artists, you clash but at the end of the day, you compromise,” he justifies. The Love Thy Woman actor denies fighting with Kim over issues of jealousy.

Cristine admits that she felt awkward upon bumping into ex-boyfriend, Derek Ramsay. It is true that she has gotten over her ex-husband, Ali. Cristine reveals that she is afraid of snakes. The actress struggles to respond when asked if she has been cheated on.

Xian and Cristine say that they are willing to leave showbiz for love.