Catriona on being Miss Universe: “The journey has represented so much.”

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray serenaded the viewers with a Christmas song as she graced the TWBA hot seat once again. Alongside the King of Talk Boy Abunda, she looked back on her fulfilling reign.

Tito Boy openly expressed his opinion that Catriona deserved a farewell walk grander than what she received in this year’s pageant in Atlanta, USA. But for Queen Cat, as how fans call her, the pride and honor she felt were more important than the production set-up or the kind of stage she walked on that day. “I was just in a very reflective place and I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the stage and lighting but what it all meant at the end of the day, just looking back on all my journey and all the memories”, Catriona said.

Catriona admitted that she started drowning in mixed emotions a week prior to passing on her crown. “It’s because this journey has represented so much. It wasn’t just the pageant anymore. It became not just about me or my family or my team but for the whole Philippines,” she added. Besides, she had so much to look back on, especially the opportunities that she poured her heart onto.

On being dubbed as one of the best Miss Universe titleholders ever, Catriona feels flattered yet humbled at the same time. “I feel flattered because I just always wanted to be myself, and I wanted to be creative, to represent our country, and bring something new to the table. For people to respond that way gives me the feeling that this is such a fulfilling purpose and that I am where I’m meant to be,” expressed the talented beauty queen.