Arci, inaming tinago ang piercing at tattoo sa ex

She may not look like it but Kapamilya actress Arci Munoz is already thirty years old and she sees herself as someone in the right marrying age. Arci has been in a relationship with businessman boyfriend Anthony Ang for more than a year already and discussions about marriage often pop up in their conversations.

Arci says she is ready to settle down but she is still not in a hurry and would like to give her relationship with Anthony a few more years before tying the knot. Arci is grateful that she and Anthony complement each other; saying they create balance with each other’s personalities.

According to Arci, Anthony as businessman used to have a stiff and sort of a boring life but Arci was the one who started bringing more colors into his world and taught him to live with spontaneity. Anthony, on the other hand, knows how to stop Arci whenever she becomes too untamable, like when sporting strange body piercings and tattoos. She even kept her chest piercing a secret at first but when Anthony asked about it, Arci had to tell the truth. In fact, she has a tiny heart tattoo behind the lower lip which Anthony is still clueless about until she showed it off on Tonight with Boy Abunda.

Arci hits the big screen again via romantic-comedy movie “Last Fool Show” which she topbills alongside Kapamilya actor JM de Guzman. In her TWBA guesting, Arci shares details about the film, just enough to tickle the audience’s curiosity. According to Arci, “Last Fool Show” talks about a female director who is in the process of creating an indie film while using her own personal experiences as inspiration. The “Last Fool Show” which Arci calls as the Ultimate Summer Movie of the Year, starts showing on April 10.