Angelica at Bea, aminadong mas maingat na sa pag-ibig ngayon

Tonight with Boy Abunda kicked off its 4th anniversary celebration with a Dressing Room Exclusive featuring two ‘unbreakable’ women in the industry – Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban. The two actresses may have had controversial and painful relationships in the past but they still believe that not all men are alike. Bea looks at this uniqueness as the ground that entices people to fall in love yet teaches us to be extra careful in the next chapters.

On her last breakup, Bea realized that she is also capable of finding happiness on her own. “Kapag galing ka sa breakup, hindi lang relasyon ang ibinabaon but also that part of yourself na nagmahal nang walang kapalit,” the Kapamilya actress added. Bea has already moved on from the pain but she would rather guard her heart and focus on her career at the moment.

Angelica shared the same sentiment about the gradual process of moving on and falling in love again. Besides, she is holding on to fate, believing that things will inevitably happen as exactly how they were plotted. Angelica is simply enjoying her single life while pampering her family and friends.
Bea and Angelica topbill the drama movie titled “Unbreakable” which explores female friendship. Angelica thinks parting ways with friends could even be more devastating than a relationship breakup. They are certain that moviegoers would find the film relatable since not everyone experiences romantic love but anyone can be blessed with friendship. Bea and Angelica entice audiences to watch out for the movie’s finale scene where they both broke down for real.

To cap off the episode, the “Unbreakable” stars take on the “Yes, No, Maybe” Challenge. Bea clarified that Jake Ejercito is not her suitor. When asked if she has forgiven the last man who broke her heart, Bea honestly replied with a “No”. She can’t predict how long it may take but she knows she has to eventually grant forgiveness in order to free herself as well. “It’s part of my healing process”, Bea asserted.

Angelica explored the concept of forgiveness. “Mahirap magpatawad kung walang humihingi ng tawad,” she stated. Nonetheless, Angelica prays for the courage to forgive an unapologetic person for her own healing. Angelica stood by her previous statements that ex-boyfriend Carlo Aquino does not exist in her life at the moment.