Vin Abrenica reveals the secret to maintaining a long-term relationship

Kapamilya actor Vin Abrenica reaps the fruit of his hard work by having a new house as addition to his owned properties. He lives in there alone but he wishes to bring his girlfriend, Sophie Albert in the future, hinting at the possibility of settling down with her. The couple is headed towards their seventh year together. And when asked how he makes it work, Vin shared the most important relationship lesson he learned along the way – know how to listen.

A lot of fans agree that Vin is a devoted and a seemingly perfect boyfriend to Sophie. Yet, Vin is honest to admit that he has his fair share of failures and weaknesses as well. For instance, he sometimes struggles to drag himself out of the bed especially when exhausted from work, leading to late appearances on their dates or cancelling the plan. He said Sophie hates waiting for long hours.

Vin is part of the primetime series, A Soldier’s Heart where he plays the role of Elmer, a trooper who secretly holds grudges against his brother, Alex, portrayed by Gerald Anderson. The rift between them is bound to grow deeper when Alex decides to join in the armed forces as well.

To end the interview, Vin takes on TWBA’s “Kili-kili Ko ‘Yan!” Challenge. Photos of men’s armpit were flashed on the screen and Vin had to recognize his own body part. The actor displayed familiarity to his own body and finished the game with a perfect score.