PAANDAR 2019: King of Talk Boy Abunda’s 10 meme-worthy moments on TWBA this year

The King of Talk Boy Abunda and his long-running talk show Tonight With Boy Abunda have been extra viral since the host has tried doing things that his guests teach him. Every time he does all these things, even if he’s serious, it still appears funny because he really has this humorous aura that he exudes whenever he’s taking on these challenges.

He might be an esteemed TV personality and talk show host, but Tito Boy has never been shy when it comes to trying new things, even if it’s on live TV, making him an instant online star via memes.

Of course, netizens are quick to notice this and can’t miss this chance to make memes out of Tito Boy’s expressions. Here are some of the most unforgettable episodes, which definitely put smiles and laughter in our faces.

When he tried to be K-pop

K-Pop-inspired all-boy group SB19 looked like they already met another potential member of their group. Tito Boy seemed like he’s been used to K-Pop dance steps like the signature “Go Up” dance move of SB19 which went like step, close, open, and up or point. The group shared that their main goal has always been to promote Filipino talent and music in the international scene.

When he showcased his martial arts flair

Here, heartthrobs JM de Guzman and Kiko Estrada shared to us snippets of information about their characters in the family series Pamilya Ko. The two also shared that they learned some Mixed Martial Arts skills since JM is an MMA practitioner in the series. JM also shares MMA lessons to Kiko. As usual, Tito Boy already took the chance to learn from these heartthrobs. Tito Boy pretended as JM and Kiko’s MMA trainee in this episode.

When he was taught how to hold a rifle

Vin Abrenica shared one of his routines, which is going to the gym every day which lasts for forty-five minutes up to one hour. Vin shared of course some of the skills that he learned from his intense military training in preparation for his series where he plays the role of a scout ranger. Among these skills were marching, proper stance, and rifle handling, which he taught Tito Boy. Vin could not help but laugh while he was teaching Tito Boy some rifle lessons.

When he discovered how “kulot” in singing is done

Fatima Lagueras was one of the last two who were eliminated from Idol Philippines before the revelation of the Top 6 contenders. Tito Boy got curious about how Fatima does magical things to her voice when she sings, like shifting her singing pitch. She told Tito Boy that it is her tongue that she uses instead of her jaw in order to do it. She also added that RnB definitely helped her a lot in learning how to shift her pitch.

When he had a “Señorita” dance tutorial

Dimples Romana, who is now more popularly known as Daniela of Kadenang Ginto, is not actually only talented in doing her role as an actress, but she also has talent in dancing! In fact, she would attend dance lessons with premier dance crew G-Force, which also helps her to de-stress. Of course, she showed and taught Tito Boy some of her sexy dance steps to the Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes pop song “Señorita”. What made the dance segment even funnier was the hair flip part which Tito Boy was still game to do.

When he danced to Donnalyn Bartolome’s “Di Lahat”

It was Donnalyn’s birthday when she was guested in this episode. She shared the real message behind her single “Di Lahat” – the stereotype that all beautiful girls will only hurt one’s feelings. Of course, this song has very cute and simple dance steps, which Donnalyn taught Tito Boy, as well as Darla who joined the fun dance segment.

When he took on the Mathematics Dance challenge

Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-teen housemates Angela Tungol and Lance Carr shared to the viewers and taught Tito Boy the moves to the viral Mathematics Dance Challenge, which literally includes steps which show hand gestures of the basic mathematical operations. Angela, being a good dancer, admitted it really runs in her blood. And she definitely lived up to the expectations as she showed everyone her talent in dancing.

When he taught Anton Diva the proper breathing technique

This time, it’s different. Tito Boy was the one who taught the guest something that he knew of. Anton Diva was very lucky to have been taught by the King of Talk of a breathing exercise, which includes holding a candle while singing and not blowing off the light from the candle, which he did successfully. The host tried it afterwards but unfortunately failed to succeed.

When he tried Kim Chiu’s skin care routine

Tito Boy told Kim Chiu that when people talk about her, they also talk about how her radiant and glowing skin. He also added that there is even a hashtag for her, which is #KutisKimChiu.

In this episode, she shared some of her skin regimens, like using ice cubes to close her pores, raw egg to reduce the size of her pimple whenever she has, and fan to dry out the facemask.

When he got a taste of Cristine Reyes intense acting

We have known Cristine for a long time as a very good actress and in the recently concluded series Nang Ngumiti ang Langit, she did a very convincing portrayal of Katrina. Tito Boy imparted that it’s been his dream to become an actor so he requested to act a scene with Cristine wherein Tito Boy is Mikmik and Cristine is Katrina herself. She did the kontrabida trademarks and pulled Tito Boy’s invisible hair and slapped him in the face.

Are you excited to see the next funny challenges and shenanigans the King of Talk Boy Abunda will do in the upcoming episodes of Tonight With Boy Abunda in 2020? Well, you better not miss an episode.