PAANDAR 2019: 8 female celebrities who gave a ‘shout out’ to their bashers on TWBA

One undeniable truth in life is that one person couldn’t really please everybody. Thus, each of us would always have our own fans and our own haters. To those people who are not quite famous, those things don’t come at a great extent. But to public figures such as the actors and actresses in the entertainment industry, they experience the greatest amount of love from their fans, and of course, they also receive the worst comments from their bashers.

Although they were always expected by the people in the business to just ignore those hate speeches, some bashers are just too rude that some artists couldn’t help but be affected. Therefore, when given the chance to speak up about how they feel regarding those negative statements they are getting, celebrities couldn’t help but put their strong façade down and be vulnerable in their reactions.

This year 2019, we have witnessed how some of the most beautiful female artists in showbiz answered their bashers on the late night talk show Tonight with Boy Abunda. Speaking to Boy Abunda, these ladies spontaneously reacted to those hate comments while still maintaining their unmatched poise.

Maja Salvador

Despite having the Dance Royalty title, Maja still received many comments saying that she was an underqualified judge in World of Dance Philippines. Given the chance to talk to her bashers as Wildflower’s Lily Cruz, she fiercely said: “’Wag ako! Wala na tayong magagawa. Nakaupo na si Maja bilang judge. Wala na kayong pakialam. ‘Yon na ‘yon!”

Nevertheless, as her true self, the The Killer Bride star confessed how she also questioned herself if she’s truly qualified for the job before accepting it.

Angel Locsin

After suffering from a disc bulge on her spine in 2015, Angel shared that she’s getting better. However, she also divulged that she now has several limitations when it comes to physical activities including her workout routine, unlike before that she could do intense exercises.

Painful as it already was for her, many people on social media are trying to bring down her confidence even more by posting body shaming comments about her. Reading those remarks, the The General’s Daughter star confessed that she answered those people in her mind saying: “Anong klaseng person ka para magawa mo ‘yon? Perfect? Perfect ka? Sobrang perfect mo?”

But no matter how much she wanted to actually have those words spoken to her bashers, she would just talk to herself, keep herself calm and composed by dwelling more on the fact that those people are not worthy of her time and attention. “Ayokong mag-deal sa mga gano’ng klaseng tao kasi sad ‘yong life niyan,” Angel stated.

Heaven Peralejo

While taking on TWBA’s Legit or Lie Challenge, Heaven confessed how she had an anxiety attack because of the immense bashing she experienced from the McLisse fans.

After McCoy De Leon and Elisse Joson confirmed their split on January 2019, it can be recalled that Heaven was the next leading lady to be teamed up with McCoy for the Wansapanataym series titled “Mr. CUTEpido”. Though she tried to put up a brave face, she failed to contain her emotions and broke down while revealing some of the hate comments she received.

Matet De Leon

One of the most common issues of her bashers towards her is her forehead. But no matter how people are trying to degrade her because of that, Matet proved to us that she has remained confident on the beauty that she possesses. So when the matter was mentioned by the King of Talk , Matet fiercely uttered: “Do’n sa mga nanunukso sa’kin na ‘Ay, ang laki ng noo mo’, gano’n…’Di bale nang ganito ‘yong noo ko pero ganito ‘yong mukha ko, maganda. Kaysa meron ako no’ng noo mo tapos ‘yong mukha mo?”

She then ended her speech by letting out a very disgusted expression.

Jessy Mendiola

Joining the vlogging community might have only allowed Jessy to become much more vulnerable to other people’s judgments or criticism. Thus, Tito Boy asked her, “Have you mastered the art of handling bashers?” 

To which the actress answered yes and explained how she chose to always act ‘deadma’ towards those kinds of things. Nevertheless, Jessy also explained why she decided to sometimes reply to her bashers, saying: “Hindi naman pwedeng tahimik lang forever.”

Jayda Avanzado

As one of the rising teen artists in the entertainment industry, Jayda continues to receive bad comments from people who doesn’t like her. Despite being compared to other artists, she tells us how she keeps herself composed by accepting that “rivalry is a part of show business.”

But when she experienced cyberbullying and started to get death threats, Jayda knew how to draw the line. Upon realizing that her safety is already at stake, she filed a report to the police and made those people accountable for their own actions.

7. Gazini Ganados

Weeks after being crowned as Miss Universe-Philippines 2019, Gazini received several criticisms, mostly saying that she wouldn’t bring home the fifth crown for the country because she’s not good when it comes to the ‘Question and Answer’ portions.

The beauty queen simply responded by saying, “I appreciate the criticism, ‘cause I know that there still so much to learn, so many things to improve for myself. The first step is accepting it, and then innovating it. Ang ayaw ko lang is when those bashers go under belt. But someday, I hope that we can all unite and be diverse at the same time. Sana naman magtulungan tayo, this is for the Philippines.”

Jane De Leon

After it was announced that Jane was chosen to be our new Darna, which is definitely one of the most coveted roles in the local entertainment industry, she was plagued with bashers who hurled a lot of harsh comments about her personality and her capability as an actress.

Meanwhile, when it comes to those people who said that she’s a snob, Jane replied that her true personality is totally different from how she appears.

Moreover, to those people who say that she’s just beautiful but not a good actress, she conveyed, “Ang masasabi ko lang po do’n sa nagsabing puro ganda lang po ako at ‘di po ako marunong umarte, watch out!”

What a year full of intriguing interviews wasn’t it? As we welcome another year, don’t forget to watch out for more exclusive interviews and the hottest revelations in the showbiz industry on Tonight with Boy Abunda, weeknights in ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.