MOTHER’S DAY 2020: 5 TWBA interviews that will make you appreciate your moms even more

If not all, most of us consider our moms as the most important person in our lives for it is definitely difficult for us to imagine life without having them by our sides. They’re the ones who have been constantly there for us ever since we were born up until we’re already grown-ups, who have unconditionally loved and supported us regardless of what we did, of what we have become, or our endeavors. And most of all, it is because of them that we’re here on earth

Thus, we couldn’t help but get anxious every time the thoughts of seeing them get weak due to illness or completely losing them one day cross our minds.

In this Tonight With Boy Abunda special Mother’s Day feature, these heart-rending tales of five Kapamilya celebrities about losing their moms or seeing them suffering due to an illness will surely make us cherish every moment we have with our beloved mothers.


Tito Boy Abunda and his Nanay Lesing

Known for his strength and conviction as a veteran TV presenter and talent manager, the King of Talk Boy Abunda also has his own share of weaknesses – one of them is his beloved Nanay Lesing.

We all know how much he loved her for he never failed to utter a “shout out” for her in every episode of the programs he hosted and even established a foundation named “Make Your Nanay Proud”, not to mention writing two books, inspired by her.

As she became the center of his life, we knew how hard it has been for him to lose her. Thus, we couldn’t help but cry as well when he got emotional as he recalled those last two months he spent with his Nanay before she passed on last December 1 at the age of 90.

“I will continue to make you proud. I will continue to make you proud,” he expressed before bursting into tears.


Zanjoe Marudo and his Mommy Rosanna

Throughout his 14 years in the industry, Zanjoe Marudo surely gained a lot of supporters. However, although he’s gotten throngs of adoring fans who claim that they’re the number one, it is still his late Mommy Rosanna who’s the first and foremost for him.

In his interview in the late-night talk show, the Playhouse actor revealed that it was only after their mom was buried when he felt the pain of losing her. He also went on to impart how he misses her for it was her who used to prepare his breakfast and enthusiastically recalled the times when she “fangirled” over him.

He also disclosed how their mom’s demise in February 2018 tightened his bond with his siblings and has made them more understanding and patient towards each other.


Kim Chiu and her Mama Louella

As she often displays her sunny personality wherever she is, it’s arguably quick for us to assume that Kim Chiu’s life has been only filled with rainbows and sunshines. However, behind her sweet smiles and contagious laughter is a heart yearning for their deceased Mama Louella.

Unfortunately, she and her siblings weren’t able to spend much time with her before she died in 2013 due to aneurysm for their estranged mom was already in coma when they met again after 13 years. They were put under the care of their paternal grandparents when their parents separated and their mom left their home.

In her dressing room conversation with Tito Boy, the Chinita Princess wasn’t able to hold back her emotions as they talked about her mom and her supernatural encounter with her when she visited her grave in All Soul’s Day 2018.

The Love Thy Woman star recalled the memorable moments they had with her in Tacloban City and how her mom has been her source of strength and solace every time she feels down. She also imparted how their Mama Louella would make her presence felt through a butterfly that flutters around her each time she’s not feeling fine.


Jaya and her Mama Elizabeth

Three years after the sudden death of her famous mom Elizabeth Ramsey in 2015 due to hyperglycemic attack, Soul Diva Jaya amused us with how she can astonishingly imitate the signature moves of the Philippines’ “Queen of Rock n’ Roll.”

Jaya expressed how much she misses performing with her mom upon seeing the impersonation of child stars Awra Briguela and Esang de Torres of their mother-and-daughter tandem in an episode of Your Face Sounds Familiar in 2018.  The Soul Diva reminisced a few of her unforgettable moments with her on and off-stage, and how it was also difficult for her to perform with an icon that was her mom.


Pokwang and Mama Gloria

It is said that people who have the ability to make others laugh are also the same people who have endured a lot of challenges in life. And it’s true with Pokwang whose painful and inspiring past we already knew.

But the versatile actress-comedienne is sadly going through another challenging struggle in her life as her Mama Gloria has been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease in the recent years.

In her interview with the King of Talk in 2017, the Make It With You star wasn’t able to control her emotions as she disclosed the current condition of her mom then. She also went on to recall one of her Magandang Buhay guestings wherein she prepared the dish their mom used to often cook for them when she was still well.

It was around 2015 when Mama Gloria first showed signs of Alzheimer’s as she has already lost her memories, including the names of Pokwang and her other children.

May these heartwarming anecdotes of celebrities about their mothers inspire us to make extra efforts in showing our devotion to our own moms while we still can and while they’re still alive. We might be currently in  quarantine, but this should not hinder us from treating them this Mother’s Day.