MayWard, KarJon, FumiYam, MarNigo top TWBA anniversary Twitter poll

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Tonight With Boy Abunda, netizens were given the chance to choose their favorite on-air interviews and guests who graced the show.

On TWBA’s official Twitter account, netizens chose their top celebrity bets in four different categories. From November 23 to 27, respondents were asked for their choices for “Real Couple,” “Real Breakthrough Love Team,” “Funny Celebrity 4 Real,” and “Controversial Celebrity 4 Real.”

Real Couple

MayWard KarJon FumiYam MarNigo top TWBA anniversary Twitter poll 1

Among the six hottest love teams in the industry, the tandem of iWant ASAP hosts Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber was hailed as the winner for the #TWBA4Real Couple. Garnering total votes of 143,631 votes, MayWard won against JaDine’s 87,488 votes, LizQuen’s 40,829 votes, KathNiel’s 32,940 votes, KierVi’s 14,454 votes and LoiNie’s 8,049 votes.

Weeks before their “M.E. and U” concert happened on September 27, 2019 at the New Frontier Theater in Quezon City, MayWard candidly talked about their personal experience at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019 aside from inviting us to their first major concert. On the same episode, the ‘kilig’ couple also showed us how they slow dance, and performed their theme song titled “Baliw”.

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Real Breakthrough Love Team

MayWard KarJon FumiYam MarNigo top TWBA anniversary Twitter poll 2

Fans of Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s former teen housemates namely Karina Bautista and Aljon Mendoza did not fail them and made them rule against the other breakthrough love teams this year. Having 100,488 votes, the KarJon tandem topped KyCine’s 4,659 votes, SethDrea’s 2,295 votes and LouDre’s 1,226 votes.

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Funny Celebrity 4 Real

MayWard KarJon FumiYam MarNigo top TWBA anniversary Twitter poll 3

Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s “Laugh Team” Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong indeed proved us that two heads are better than one. Gaining 17,538 votes, FumiYam were named “Funny 4 Real”, defeating other witty celebrities including Beauty Gonzales, Rufa Mae Quinto, Dimples Romana, Ethel Booba and Bayani Agbayani.

After they were hailed as part of their batch’s Big Four, FumiYam had a delightful TWBA interview in April 2019 where they talked about the depth of their friendship. They looked back on their first impressions with each other, shared how they manage to really get along despite the language barrier and culture differences and told us how well they now know each other after being co-housemates in PBB. The two funny men also revealed some of the secrets they shared together, the things they learned from each other, their personal inspiring stories including their love life and their admirable plans after their PBB journey. Ending their episode with a bang, the FumiYam tandem gave us one of the most comical Fast Talk sessions in TWBA.

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Controversial Celebrity 4 Real

MayWard KarJon FumiYam MarNigo top TWBA anniversary Twitter poll 4

Finally, in the last category, the multi-talented Kapamilya artists Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual or the MarNigo love team highest votes and were recognized as the most “Controversial Celebrity 4 Real”. Accumulating 4,442 votes, MarNigo obviously exceeded Alexa Ilacad, Gazini Ganados, Arci Muñoz and Cristine Reyes.

Aside from teaching Tito Boy the “Kwek-Kwek Dance”, discussing the social relevance and telling us their experiences in filming “I Am Ellenya L.,” the MarNigo love team spilled details about how and why they broke each other’s hearts in real life, during their promotional interview on TWBA last September 2019. They described how okay they are now as friends, answered some of the netizens’ queries about their on and off screen relationship as a pair and shared what they both look forward to in the future. Ultimately, before the said interview ended, Maris and Inigo both took the opportunity to ask each other personal or “real talk” questions on the show.

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