Joshua Garcia on Janella Salvador: “Gusto ko siyang maging kaibigan habang buhay”

The “Block Z” gang – Joshua Garcia, McCoy de Leon, and Yves Flores – may look tough on the facade but they have their own fears as well. Joshua is admittedly scared of cockroaches while McCoy and Yves are afraid of underwater creatures and rollercoaster rides, respectively. The three gentlemen take on an acting challenge where they had to pretend trembling before the things they’re terrified of. 

The interview went more exciting when the heartthrobs were asked about the ladies they’re romantically linked with. Yves said that his friendship with A Soldier’s Heart co-star Sue Ramirez is growing deeper with time. He looks at Sue as a sibling and someone who he will never trade with anyone else. Their friendship is too beautiful that they don’t want to take the risk of turning it into something romantic, so as not to ruin what they have. But they both promised to end up together once they are still single at the age of 45.

McCoy confessed that he tried to pursue Miles Ocampo but, as he said, it might have probably been God’s will for him to stay single at the moment.

Meanwhile, after doing the series The Killer Bride, netizens and even co-stars notice the closeness between Joshua and Janella Salvador. When asked if they are already a couple, Joshua professed that Janella is someone who he would want to keep for life, but just as a friend. They have developed a real close relationship and they are going to miss each other now that their teleserye has ended. Joshua even adorned his social media accounts with their photos to prove the beautiful friendship they share.

Joshua was asked for his opinion on ex-girlfriend Julia Barretto’s statement that not having closure is already a closure. The Kapamilya actor disagrees, saying that closure is an essential part of ending any relationship in order to set things clear and avoid confusion in the future. Besides, he thinks that not giving closure is a sign of disrespect.

In line with their film, “Block Z,” the actors were asked if they are going to bite their ex-girlfriends once they become zombies for real. Yves said ‘no’, believing that exes must be avoided for good. On the other hand, McCoy doesn’t see any problem with it. “Ginagawa naman namin ‘yun dati,” he quipped. Meanwhile, Joshua stated a fact that zombies do not have the chance to resist a probable victim, so he would most likely bite an ex-lover once caught up in the situation.