Celebrities share realizations after going through life-changing experiences on TWBA

In its almost five years on television, Tonight With Boy Abunda has been our source of the most in-depth, and at the same most entertaining interviews of our favorite celebrities, whether a Kapamilya or not.

While host Boy Abunda’s intriguing yet quirky questions in the Fast Talk and other segments are what excite us, we also found ourselves moved by the guests’ heartwarming stories and realizations about the significant or life-changing moment in their lives, from which we can also learn a lesson or two as well.


Dimples Romana on her fear that all her blessings have repercussions



As her beloved husband Boyet went through a near-death situation, Dimples couldn’t help but think that it’s the consequence of the blessings they’re reaping then, including the success of her teleserye Kadenang Ginto. 

Certainly, many of us weren’t able to hold back our tears as well as she tearfully narrated the excruciating experience they had. They made them realize how important it is to express their love for one another while they’re still together and how she’s more than willing to forgo everything if that means sparing her family from any harm or sickness.


Yeng Constantino on Siargao incident 



After her controversial video blog documenting the medical emergency she and her husband Yan Asuncion had during their vacation in Siargao drew ire from the netizens, Yeng Constantino, for the first time, opened up how it had become the lowest point of her 13-year showbiz career. 

The incident made her realize who the realest people are in her life and how it’s also important to “really listen to the people who love us.” Tito Boy comforted her by imparting his own experience while taking care of his sick mom before she passed on last December 1. He told her that he completely understood where she’s coming from since it was her loved one’s life that was at stake. 


Cherry Pie Picache on forgiving the man who killed her mother



Forgiving the person who hurt the people you love is definitely difficult. But what more if your loved one was killed? Veteran actress Cherry Pie Picache did the unimaginable as she granted absolution to the murderer of her mom Zenaida in 2014, which indeed astounded us all.

In her interview on TWBA to promote the News and Current Affairs documentary that followed her heart-rending encounter with the killer – “Radical Love” – she enthusiastically told Tito Boy that it was Divine intervention that made it possible for her to do it as she was in disbelief, too, that she even brought him bread as pasalubong. She also shared committing to visit him for their continuous reformation or healing and how it made her realize how the situation is tougher for criminals like him for they’re truly remorseful of what they did once they get back to their “basic goodness and sanity”. She also smilingly told Tito Boy that the suspect also apologized.
Mariel Rodriguez on handling her miscarriages



Before having their adorable daughters Isabella and Gabriela, it can be recalled that Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla had gone through depressing miscarriages in 2015. Those were really difficult for her to accept since she’d been wanting and very much ready to have a child, to the point that she questioned and turned bitter to God.
Thus, she’s grateful to have a loving, understanding, supportive, and caring husband as Robin Padilla by her side, who helped her cope, feel good about herself, be happy again, and made her realize that the world would be okay if there’s only the two of them. He also taught her that it’s still possible to find something good amid every negative situation. Besides, that challenge made her stronger and more patient in waiting for the right time for it to come to them.  


Loisa Andalio on the controversy she underwent



Almost a year after she figured in a controversy, Loisa Andalio bravely spoke up about it during her interview on TWBA last February. She confessed to Tito Boy how it marked a dark phase in her life and made her almost give up, but taught her, at the same time, to be stronger and wiser.

And if there’s one thing she would want to tell herself in the height of the issue, it would be she’s definitely proud of how she refused to give up and courageously bear the pain and judgment of the public. She also credited her family, friends, and boyfriend Ronnie Alonte for helping her get through it and hoped to become an inspiration for everyone who experienced the same predicaments as hers.


Nadine Lustre on the tragic loss of her younger brother



Following the tragic loss of her brother in 2017, Nadine Lustre told Tito Boy that it served as an eye-opener for her “to appreciate everything around you” and “give the people you love 110% of your attention”, care and love before it would be too late. 

She admitted not being able to spend more time with him since both of them were busy – her at work and him at school – and pondered that if she was only able to establish constant communication with him then, she could have done something to prevent what happened. However, she’s a believer that “what’s meant to happen will happen” and her brother’s death indeed left an unforgettable lesson not only to her, but to her whole family as well. 


Tito Boy on his mother’s death



We all know how much the King of Talk loved his Nanay Lesing so much, who passed away on December 1. Thus, during his dressing room conversation with his guest Bela Padilla, he wasn’t able to hold back his emotions as she urged him to do so. She also assured him that it’s just fine if he would show everyone his weakness and told him to allow her and the other people who loves him to stand up for him while he’s still grieving. Despite her demise, Tito Boy vowed to continue making his Nanay Lesing proud of him.

May these realizations of our beloved celebrities motivate us to bravely face every trial that would come our way and be hopeful that everything will be alright in the end. We only have to be still, optimistic, and believe.