Ano nga ba ang paboritong parte nina Ronnie, Loisa at Donny sa pelikulang “James and Pat and Dave”?

Stars of “James and Pat and Dave” Ronnie Alonte, Loisa Andalio, and Donny Pangilinan – bring Valentine vibes on the TWBA studio. Just to tease the audience a little, LoiNie re-enacts a kilig scene from the film and hints at an exciting ending that moviegoers must watch out for.

The trio shares their stand on some courtship dilemmas faced by the millennial generation such as ‘no label’ relationships. Donny thinks that ‘no label’ relationships are apt for individuals who are not yet fully ready for commitment, however, both parties must agree to making the relationship official in time. Opposing this view, Ronnie believes that label is necessary and a sign of mutual respect. Loisa adds that having a label in relationships signify that the other person chose you.

On moving on after a rejection, Ronnie warns about the dangers of making impulsive decisions and points out the importance of surrounding yourself with a support system. Loisa approves the need to cry out all the pain, saying the tears would soon be replaced by laughter. Meanwhile, Donny’s advice is to just be patient until the heart is fully healed.

Donny reveals that he hasn’t been in any relationship but he doesn’t feel lonely on Valentine’s Day since it falls near his birthday. As birthday wish, he asked for the success of their movie and the country’s fast recovery.

Having a girlfriend this year isn’t part of his wish list. But if Donny is fated to meet ‘the one’ soon, Ronnie advises him to treat the lucky girl with respect, get to know her better, and get her family’s approval.

In a viral video, Donny is seen singing together with his “He’s Into Her” leading lady, Belle Mariano, prompting rumours that he is courting the actress. Donny clarifies that it was just a casual duet that happened at an after party for their movie. He remains consistent in saying that they are just friends and they haven’t yet known each other that well. 

When asked about a love lesson he picked from Loisa and Ronnie while working on “James and Pat and Dave”, Donny shares that he learned the value of being true to one another.