Tirso,  naging bukas sa pag-iwan niya ng mensahe para sa namayapang anak na si TJ

Veteran actor Tirso Cruz III has gone through a painful time when his son, TJ, succumbed to cancer in November last year. Since then, he started relieving TJ’s memories via Instagram posts. “Ang laki ng nawala,” he admits. But, even the heartbreaking days of mourning strengthened Tirso’s faith and spirituality.

At the moment, Tirso is busy preparing for a concert with his pals Christopher de Leon and Bobot Mortiz. The three actors have all been paired with Nora Aunor. But, rumor has it that Tirso and Christopher declined a supposed reunion project with the superstar. They clarify the issue, saying conflict in schedule was the only reason why the project was called off; for instance, Tirso had been busy taping for the Kapamilya series The General’s Daughter.

Tirso, Christopher, and Bobot were the biggest heartthrobs of the 70’s era. They were extremely popular that there were times when they couldn’t get out of the house or attend their own movie premiere nights to avoid drawing a mob from ‘hysterical’ and adoring fans. Boy Abunda describes them as the 70’s Daniel Padilla, James Reid, and Enrique Gil.

In the Fast Talk Segment, Tirso prefers being a kontrabida than a bida. Talking about his wife, Lyn, the actor quips that they would often fight over petty things like bathroom schedules. Tirso says he is not good at lying and feet are the sexiest part of a woman’s body. Meanwhile, Bobot picks singing than acting. He proudly says that he is a hundred percent faithful husband.