“Thank you for a roller coaster ride.” McLisse, naging emosyonal nang mag-sorry sa isa’t-isa.

It is not uncommon for Pinoy Big Brother housemates to get along well and develop good relationships during their stay inside the famous Bahay ni Kuya. Some of these friendships even blossom into romance. Take McCoy de Leon and Elisse Joson, for instance. Their undeniable chemistry has given birth to the McLisse team up – a loveteam that made audiences happy on and off cam.

Sadly, not all beautiful beginnings turn into the kind of forever that people rave about. After keeping mum about their true status, McCoy and Elisse have finally put an end to their fans’ guessing games. The once a sweet couple now brand themselves as ex-lovers. They reveal that their closeness has faded away. McCoy and Elisse remain just workmates – civil and professional – they even had to film their recent movie, “Sakaling Maging Tayo,” in the midst of their personal dilemma. Elisse described that time as a roller-coaster ride as they tried to iron things out for the sake of the project but misunderstandings still got in the way.

Nonetheless, both are not closing their doors that one day, they will regain the once colorful friendship that eventually turned gray. In their interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda, Elisse gets emotional as she talks about her regrets and the heartache she has gone through. Getting the movie done has been difficult for her but known to be a strong woman, Elisse never thought of quitting and decided to look at it as a blessing instead. “Everything happens for a reason”, Elisse says.

Looking back on their bittersweet past, Elisse asks McCoy’s forgiveness for being too demanding. According to Elisse, this attitude of hers has made McCoy felt that he was not doing and giving enough.

McCoy, on the other hand, wants to say sorry that he is no longer the guy that Elisse once needed. “Binigay ko sa lahat sa’yo. Siguro ‘yung timing lang. ‘Di pa talaga puwede”, McCoy tells his ex-girlfriend.

Despite the pain, McCoy and Elisse are still grateful for all the happy moments and lessons they shared and learned from each other. When asked about the possibility of getting back together, both decided to just give their hearts enough time to heal first. “Sa ngayon, hindi”, McCoy states to which Elisse agrees on.