Richard, masaya sa tinatakbo ng kanyang career

One of the biggest showbiz clans who managed to stand the test of time and limelight is the Gutierrez Family, with Eddie, Annabelle, Ruffa, Richard, and Raymond as among its most popular members. But beyond the glitz and glamor, the star-studded dynasty has its fair share of struggles as well.
In a TWBA Dressing Room Exclusive, Richard Gutierrez shared that growing up in the public eye was not as easy and comfortable as it seemed. There was a time when his Dad, Eddie, tried to give them a normal life in the States. Richard admitted that he fights with his mom at times but their disputes are not as public as those of Annabelle and Ruffa's. 

When asked if he considers himself the brightest star in the family, Richard humbly turns down the throne, saying his Dad and Ate Ruffa deserve as much credit for paving his entry in showbiz. He doesn't see himself as Annabelle's favorite child, either, tossing the title to Ruffa and Elvis instead. 

Richard is enjoying the best of both worlds in his career and family-life. Richard, alongside Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban, topbills the drama movie “Unbreakable” which he considers a huge milestone in his career. Richard feels honored working with Bea and Angelica, his teenage contemporaries whom he thought would be impossible to share a project with.

Richard admitted that he once thought of quitting showbiz to start a normal life abroad. But it only took one remarkable comeback project to make him realize that he is destined to be in the entertainment industry. 
The actor is also busy preparing for his wedding with Sarah Lahbati. After seven years of being together, Richard feels it is just the right time to finally tie the knot with Sarah. Giving out little details about the ceremony, Richard mentioned that he had a difficult time choosing members of the entourage from his long list of friends. Having big clans convinced the couple to just celebrate their union within the country. Sarah went to Paris last month to pick her wedding gown. Richard realized that organizing a wedding is quite challenging but he is grateful that Annabelle and Ruffa are never selfish of their insights.

Taking on the Fast Talk Challenge, Richard mentioned his twin brother, Raymond's abs as his biggest insecurity. He fears losing a loved one while he considers having his own family as his biggest achievement.