Mommy Min, payag nga ba kung maagang magpapakasal si Kathryn?

The year 2018 was a liberating year for Kathryn Bernardo and her love team partner, Daniel Padilla as they finally confirmed their relationship. Kathryn spilled that their first kiss happened quick, far from the romantic scene she imagined. More kisses were shared since then and the last one, prior to the interview, happened in Canada where they juggled work with vacation. It was a fun time as they got to act like a ‘normal couple’ walking around without a sea of fans mobbing them. 

That year as well, KathNiel started exploring their artistry. For the first time, Kathryn teamed up with a different actor in the movie “Three Words to Forever”. The changes made her scared as she was used to sharing everything with Daniel. Moreover, she was anxious about the fans’ reaction. The King Of Hearts made a surprise visit on the set of “Three Words to Forever” in Ormoc City and initiated a conversation with Kathryn’s then on-screen partner, Tommy Esguerra, to make the ‘new guy’ more at ease.  

When asked if she’s also ready to see Daniel paired with another girl, Kathryn shrieked as though trying to drive the topic away. The talented actress was admittedly uncomfortable with the idea but she also knew that it is inevitable.  “Sino ba naman ang magiging comfortable na makita mo na iba ‘yung ka-partner ng boyfriend mo? Oh my God! Parang never ako magiging ready sa totoo lang but I have to be ready kasi actor si DJ. Hindi naman puwedeng kami lang,” she expressed. 

The Queen of Hearts said that she considers “I am sorry” as her three words to forever. “For me, asking for forgiveness is very important and it’s not easy to do. Feeling natin ‘pag nag-sorry tayo, it’s a sign of weakness but for me it’s a sign of strength,” she explained. And if there are people she would like to apologize to, Daniel and Mommy Min Bernardo would be on top of the list. 

“Sorry because it took me a while to learn how to say sorry and thank you kasi naging patient siya para turuan ako,” she told Daniel. They always get into petty fights, issues about her sexy outfit and conflict in schedules included. But Kathryn believes these could have been easily resolved if she only knew how to put down her pride and apologize. But she’s now learning because of him. She understands that ‘sorry’ shouldn’t be uttered just for the sake of empty reasons but must be coupled with a promise to never do the same mistake again.  
Kathryn would like to ask for her mother’s forgiveness as well because, after all, she isn’t a perfect daughter and there are times when they argue about things. She revealed that Mommy Min already gave her the go signal to get married at the age of 26, in case she’s ready.

Meanwhile, the box-office queen confessed that she used to be insecure about her skin color and there are days when she feels ugly. Yet, she has learned to embrace her morena skin and would like to encourage other Filipinas to do the same. The positive people surrounding her are a big help in boosting her confidence.