Melai at Jason, inaming hindi nila bet ang isa’t-isa noong unang magkita sa PBB

One of the most memorable love stories that started inside the Pinoy Big Brother house was that of Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco. Looking back on their tale, Jason revealed that he used to consider Melai as the batch’s laundrywoman, not just of her looks but because she’s always willing to wash the clothes of Paul Jake Castillo, her original crush.  

Jason admittedly had eyes for almost all female housemates except Melai. But his feelings changed when he got to know her better. Despite the certainty that he has already found ‘the one’, Jason was careful not to act overly romantic towards Melai while they were still inside Kuya’s house, scared that the viewers might misinterpret his actions. He quipped that others still perceive their relationship as scripted even until now.

After six years of marriage, Melai and Jason are now blessed with two beautiful daughters. They consider the importance of positivity and God in raising their kids. They say that instilling discipline is their current focus. The couple is proud to see their kids grow more fluent in speaking English, watching foreign children shows is a big help, said Melai.  Nevertheless, they make sure that their children are learning the Filipino language, and even Visayan dialect, as well.

In 2015, the couple was said to have parted ways due to Jason not feeling happy with Melai’s team-up with Carlo Aquino in a teleserye. “Iba kasi ang pagtingin ko sa babae lalo na kung may asawa na. Sabihin na nating kayo ay love team pero ‘yung mga pisikal na bagay na ginagawa n’yo, para sa akin ay hindi maganda,” Jason admitted. After the incident, they both decided not to work with love teams again. The good thing is Melai and Jason have already learned to handle misunderstandings and use them as motivations to grow together.

Answering each other’s questions in the Fast Talk segment, Melai said that her husband makes her kilig every single day. She revealed that sexy actress Ivana Alawi is the last woman she got jealous with. Meanwhile, according to Jason, his wife makes him laugh each day but he dislikes her nose-picking habit.

The episode ends with the couple sharing a toast with Boy Abunda as they welcome the New Year.