Maymay on Edward: “Hindi ko po kayang mawala siya at makitang may kasama siyang iba.”

Pinoy Big Brother teen graduates Edward Barber and Maymay Entrata play the loveteam game so well that they can be considered as one of the strongest on-screen pairs in today’s generation. But, fans are craving for more and they are keeping their fingers crossed that MayWard would take their relationship to the next level. Maymay and Edward reveal the real score between them in a fun TWBA poll segment aired on September 17.

But first off, they reveal that Edward is always the first one to patch things up after a misunderstanding. In defense, Maymay said it is her nature to compose and calm herself first before fixing any conflict between them. Yet, Maymay also learned that making a big deal out of a supposed petty fight can sometimes be unhealthy. She also thanked Edward for his incessant patience for her.

The lovebirds admit that they also feel jealous at times although, they’ve already learned how to tone it down. So, is this a sign that they are already in a relationship? According to the MayWad pair, they are not yet officially a couple but rather in an M.U or mutual understanding stage. “Kung talagang gusto mo ‘yung tao, hindi naman kailangan ng status. Kung may future boyfriend man ako, gusto ko siya na”, Maymay honestly admitted.

In the recently held ABS-CBN Ball 2019, Maymay was hailed as one of the Best Dressed Females by Metro Magazine. Edward also wore a high fashion ensemble tailored to complement Maymay’s heavily-beaded gold gown.

Their outfits were inspired by the weddings of prominent couples held in the Manila Cathedral during the Spanish era. When asked whether things like marriage already cross their minds, Maymay was honest to admit that she indeed daydreams about her own wedding. “Lahat naman tayo papunta doon, eh”, she justified. Yet, she knows that there is a proper time for everything and perhaps her anticipated wedding day would come after she has already accomplished all her dreams and other obligations for her family.