KZ, ikinuwento na nag-propose rin siya kay TJ at binigyan rin ito ng singsing

On June 2019, TJ Monterde sought the approval of KZ Tandingan’s parents for marriage. It was supposed to be just a secret until he proposes but KZ’s father slipped out during a random conversation at home. Since then, KZ anticipated the upcoming proposal that finally happened on TJ’s birthday celebration, a day before the New Year kicked in.

Unknown to TJ, his girlfriend was ready to propose on that day as well, had he not push through with his plan. KZ tapped musician Gary Granada to deliver a performance as her cue to pop the question. But to her surprise, her long-time beau took the floor to dedicate a song and a sweet message for her. She already knew what was coming next and she has long been ready to say “yes”. Later, KZ gave TJ the ring she was supposed to offer in her proposal, hence, both the couple’s hands are wearing an engagement ring.

There are still no elaborate wedding plans as of the moment but they are certain that it would happen this year in an outdoor setting and that KZ would be wearing a suit instead of a gown. KZ says she appreciates how TJ allows her to just be herself. The Asia’s Soul Supreme admits that she has a lot of physical insecurities but TJ has always been there to remind her of how beautiful she is even when she doesn’t feel like it.

During the interview, TJ dedicates a song to his wife-to-be, telling her that she is “God’s guarantee.” He adds that God gave him KZ to remind him that life is good even if the world may fall at times.

In return, KZ sang Brooke Fraser’s “Love is Waiting.” KZ has never been in a relationship up until she was 23. “I’m thankful that God didn’t allow me to go through a lot of heartbreak. You are worth the wait,” KZ tells her first-ever boyfriend and now husband-to-be.

To end the interview, TJ answers his fiancée’s question in the Fast Talk segment. He says KZ’s shoulders are the sexiest part of her body and her scent turns him on. He finds KZ the prettiest in her just-woke-up look.