TWBA Throwback: Karina, binalikan ang panahong nagsimula siyang maging independent

Pinoy Big Brother Otso Teen Big Four Karina Bautista talked about her true story and the controversies she has faced inside the Big Brother House in her recent guesting on Tonight With Boy Abunda

The moniker ‘Miss Independent of Isabela’ is rooted from Karina’s life as a teenager who lived solo since she was just thirteen years old. Karina’s parents are both working as OFWs and she grew up in the care of her Lola Celesta, aunts and uncles. 

She lived in other relatives’ apartment for a year. Then, at thirteen years old, she has decided to stay in a boarding house all by her own. Karina admits getting scared all the time, yet she had to take courage in order to survive all the obstacles in life.

Karina had too many questions when she was young but has eventually accepted the fact as she grows older. She still longs for her parents’ company especially when facing big challenges and events like contests and auditions. Yet, Karina had to remain strong despite everything; and this strength is also the same instrument that helped her endure all the controversies she has faced while inside the Big Brother House.