JM, napagkamalan raw na bakla ni Arci noong college pa lamang sila

A throwback photo of Kapamilya stars JM de Guzman and Arci Munoz appears on Tonight with Boy Abunda. The picture, showing JM and Arci in their innocent looks was taken way back in 2005 at the University of the Philippines were they became classmates.

According to Arci, she initially perceived JM as gay during their younger years but this impression has faded away when JM had a girlfriend. JM admits getting a lot of “gay” misconceptions before but he knows for sure that he is a straight guy.

JM, on the other hand, marked Arci with her timid and bashful character.  But he finds it amazing that Arci has developed a distinct on-screen presence enveloped with a certain angst that belongs only to her. However, when behind the cameras, Arci still remains the ‘mahinhin’ girl he saw before.

Fourteen years later, the former classmates are taking on the lead roles in a romantic-comedy film entitled “Last Fool Show”. JM plays as Paulo, a supportive guy who loves Mayessa, Arci’s character, wholeheartedly. He is always by her side as she takes the steps unto her dreams but Paulo has his own set of vision and goals as well. Along the way, Paulo would have to make sure that his own desires would not hinder the fulfillment of Mayessa’s dreams. Mayessa, on the other hand, is an indie film director who creates flicks by drawing out inspiration from her personal heartbreak experiences. The “Last Fool Show” is hitting the big screens starting April 10.