Jessa, ibinahagi ang kanyang “Jessa Zaragoza Moves”

It would only take a single note for listeners to recognize Jessa Zaragoza's voice in the radio. Indeed, the veteran singer has successfully marked herself with a distinct musical style and vocal quality that belongs only to her.

This held true when Jessa sang her own rendition of Yeng Constantino's "Ikaw" and Moira dela Torre's "Tagpuan." While other singers would try to imitate Moira's soft voice when singing her hit single, Jessa proved she is no copycat by coating “Tagpuan” with her strong, powerful vocal prowess.

Aside from the vocal style, Jessa is also known for having her signature moves when performing on stage. The seductive gesture starts with waving the hands until the body goes with the flow.

Another thing proving Jessa's brilliance as a singer is her longevity in the music scene. Yet, this was also the cause of a vocal injury that led to a surgery last year. According to her doctor, her voice may have been overused through the years; hence, the presence of polyps in her vocal cords. Jessa had to stop using her voice for two weeks after the operation. After four months, her voice was back to normal and she now looks back at the 'tragedy' as a humbling experience.