JC, inamin na minsan nang kwinestyon ni Rikkah kung bakit hindi nito binabahagi sa publiko ang kanilang relasyon

JC De Vera has now become more vocal about his relationship with partner, Rikkah Cruz. He would brag and tell the whole world about her if he could. But this wasn’t always the case. The Kapamilya actor opted to keep their romance private during its early years in order to protect Rikkah from the bashing that inevitably comes with being a public figure. At times when Rikkah would feel like she’s hidden on the sidelines, JC would tactfully explain that unveiling their relationship entails a careful process.

JC is now ready to fulfil his promise of marrying Rikkah in a church wedding in 2020, after his proposal that happened during a vacation in Siargao last year. JC tried to orchestrate a big plan but most of the resort staff members were unfortunately on a holiday leave that time. So, they just ended up taking selfie photos to immortalize the memorable moment.

The couple is eyeing an out-of-town wedding. Their one-year-old daughter, Lana will hold a special role in the event as the little bride. JC picked the words ‘classic’ and ‘old soul’ to describe Rikkah. The lovebirds have been friends for years before they fell in love with each other.

Apart from adorable photos of his little baby, snapshots of JC’s workout sessions also adorn his Instagram account. More than just achieving a perfect physique, JC’s workout motivation is to sustain an energetic body in order to perform his Daddy duties well.

The Banana Sundae mainstay admitted that he once received an indecent proposal via private message on Instagram. Out of impulse and feeling disrespected, JC exposed a screenshot of the message. But he later on realized that it might have been a wrong move since he could’ve possibly offended anyone.

On the issue about planning to work as a callboy after leaving showbiz, JC clarified that that statement was delivered in jest. However, several reporters might have just misinterpreted his joke and took it seriously.

Taking on a quick Fast Talk segment, JC preferred kissing than cuddling; and chose his abs as the hardest part of his body. He was asked to pick the better kisser between comedians Wacky Kiray and Pooh. Later, JC would say that answering the last question was the hardest thing he did in public.