Jake on marrying Kylie: “Hindi na siya malayo.”

Long before they officially confirmed their relationship in a TWBA interview last September 16, Jake Cuenca and Kylie Versoza have already been posting couple photos on their Instagram accounts. The Los Bastardos stars, dubbed as the sexiest couple on Instagram, are fond of documenting their twinning OOTDs and beach trips.

The couple first met in the set of “Ang Panday” in 2017 in where Jake played as the villain while Kylie took on the role of a fairy that helped Flavio, Coco Martin’s character, in his journey.

Looking back on that memorable day, Jake recalled that he was doing a fight scene with Coco when Kylie passed by. He was instantly captivated by the Miss International titleholder’s beauty. On the other hand, love at first sight was far from what Kylie felt. She was not impressed with Jake’s long hair and intense bad boy aura.

Jake tried to make his first move through the aid of social media, albeit still feeling a bit shy. But, Jake’s attempt to win Kylie’s attention unfortunately failed. He was, as millennials put it, “seen-zoned”. Nevertheless, Jake hoped and believed in his heart that he would still cross paths with Kylie again.

Jake’s wish was granted when he got the chance to work with Kylie via Kapamilya series Los Bastardos. Jake felt the need to fix himself even before he and Kylie started dating. All the changes he has gone through were all organic and self-motivated, not just for the sake of making a good impression to Kylie. “Now that we’re together, life is just better, happier, and free-flowing, Everything is just natural,” Jake expressed.

When asked about any plans of getting married soon, both Jake and Kylie are on the same page. “I can see it in the horizon,” Jake confessed. The actor added that Kylie is the only woman who gave him this kind of certainty.

“Jake and I are not teenagers anymore. We are just two adults living our own lives but we complete each other,” Kylie’s response. Still, the couple wants to refrain from rushing things.