Ivana sa kanyang sexy image: “My whole family is proud of me.”

Rising star Ivana Alawi guested on Tonight With Boy Abunda on Wednesday, July 31, to share her thoughts on her bashers and to clear out some rumors about her.

Ivana had her first Kapamilya drama stint playing Rina, the alluring friend of Mich, portrayed by Barbie Imperial, in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi. She also portrayed Madonna, the captivating girlfriend of the late Eddie Garcia’s character Gustavo in FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Her most recent appearance is on the primetime teleserye Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa as the lawyer Lolita del Rio.

Ivana cleared out some of these rumors in through TWBA’s segment, “Legit or Lie.” She shared that she eats like a regular person and denied that she starves herself just to achieve a sexy figure. Some people assume that her butt underwent plastic surgery similar to the Kardashians in which Ivana immediately denied and told the story of how she was bullied for having a big butt when she was young but she eventually learned to accept and embrace it. She revealed that she hated her body during her teenage years due to her father’s conservativeness.

Tito Boy asked Ivana, “Ano ang reaksyon mo kapag sinasabing ikaw ang bagong Ellen Adarna?” Her response, “I’m very flattered because I used to admire her before. I admired her realness and her craziness.”

Ivana has her fair share of bashers who crticize her every move and every post on social media. “At the end of the day i’m the only one who knows myself and alam kong hindi ako ganon so hindi ako nagpapa-apekto,” she shared that she knows herself better than anyone and so, bashers don’t affect her anymore. She prefers to stay away from negativity instead of letting their opinions affect how she lives her life.

Ivana played a battered wife in her role in Sino Ang Maysala? Mea Culpa. Due to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding her character, Lolita looks for love and validation from others. In her search for love, she found Greco (Kit Thompson) and finally found the kind of love that she needed and wanted. Ivana said heavily relates to Lolita because she dated a guy back in college who was physically abusive. In response, she filed a case against him and he was eventually sent to jail.

She denied the allegations that Congressman Dan Fernandez has been courting her and revealed that she stays away from womanizers and prefers a man who sticks to one and is loyal to her. Ivana shared that she finds RK Bagatsing cute and would probably entertain him if he ever courts her in the future. She revealed that her biggest showbiz crush is none other than Primetime King Coco Martin. She merely shook her head when Tito Boy showed Gerald Anderson’s photo. While she shared that Edu Manzano used to be her childhood crush back then. Ivana finally revealed that she’s being courted by a sexy Kapamilya actor who’s currently starring in a teleserye in ABS-CBN but she refused to reveal the name.

And in true TWBA fashion, Ivana played Fast Talk to end the show. She shockingly revealed that she doesn’t wear any clothes when she goes to bed. Ivana also admitted that she’s closer to Bela Padilla than Jodi Sta.Maria who are both her castmates in Sino ang Maysala? Mea Culpa. She didn’t deny that she had a misunderstanding with co-star Sandino Martin, but they eventually solved the problem. Admittingly, bulalo is Ivana’s favorite dish and so, it’s also her choice when asked what food she’ll serve for the President.

“I gave everything, I gave my whole self,” she responded when Tito Boy asked what’s the craziest thing she has done for love.

And, due to the recent announcement that Jane de Leon is the new Darna, Ivana said that she’d love to play Valentina, the main antagonist of the superhero tale, if given the chance to do so. To prove how serious she is vying for the coveted role, she even gave her sexiest Valentina look.