Julia Barretto: “I deserve to be the yes, I deserve to be the sure.”

The big screen is about to bring something new and refreshing with the tandem of Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson in the romantic film “Between Maybes.” Julia takes on the role of Hazel Ilagan, an actress in the Philippines who eventually got tired of the loud noise in her career and life. 

Burned out and unable to take in the pressure, Hazel decided to take on an unknown journey and find a moment of solace in a distant place. Then, she meets Loiue, played by Gerald- a guy who is full of anger and pain in his heart. Louie built a wall between the world and himself.

So, when Louie and Hazel bump unto each other, a beautiful tale of two sad souls from different worlds starts to unfold. Hence, their story will be filled with a lot of maybes. Catch “Between Maybes” in cinemas and find out how the ‘maybes’ in Louie and Hazel’s unplanned romance will end.

In real life, Julia says she has experienced being someone’s ‘maybe’ as well. “I think naging yes ako tapos naging maybe,” Julia relates as she looks back on the pain of living with uncertainties with another person. 

”I knew I didn’t deserve that and anybody who thought I was just a maybe didn’t deserve me. I deserve to be the yes. I deserve to be sure. I got tired of the feeling like I wasn’t worthy of his love, so I walked away,” Julia reveals. Nevertheless, after going through that experience, Julia has become more empowered and wise.