Daniel sa kanyang pamilya: “Gusto ko ibigay lahat.”

The King of Talk Boy Abunda opened the interview asking his special guest, Daniel Padilla about the significance of gratitude in his life. The King of Hearts believes that being thankful is important especially now that the world seemed to have revolved around material things.  He places his mother, Magandang Buhay host, Karla Estrada on top of the list of people he is thankful for. If he could, Daniel would willingly give the world to Karla to repay her sacrifices.

Daniel grew up seeing Karla doing double duties as Mom and Dad. But this never marred his relationship with his father, actor Rommel Padilla. Daniel shared that what Rommel lacks in physical presence he makes up for in efforts to reach out even just via phone calls. It also helped that he never heard Karla badmouth Rommel. Daniel admitted that he struggles in acting out a spiteful scene between a father and son since he never knew how it felt to resent his own Dad. 

The actor has a penchant for giving back especially to the elderlies. He’s always been trying to convince his Lola to live with him in Manila, so he could take good care of her. But his grandmother, who ignited his fondness for old music, wouldn’t want to ditch her simple life in Tacloban.

Daniel also opened up on his sentiments about Karla’s relationship with boyfriend Jam Ignacio. As the eldest, Daniel witnessed his mom act madly in love a lot of times, so he learned to be vigilant on Karla’s relationships. Yet, he commends Jam’s effort to reach out to him and his siblings. “Ayoko naman maging kontrabida kasi ‘yun ‘yung mga bagay na hindi ko naman maibibigay sa kanya pero at the same time, on the look ako. Ako ang number one security ng ermat ko, eh”, said Daniel. He is glad that Jam’s tamed personality complements that of Karla’s highly spirited attitude.  

At 24, Daniel seeks mom’s help in handling his finances and he gives importance to saving for the future.  “Kasi siyempre darating ang punto na gugustuhin ko nang mag-asawa at bumukod, so I have to save up,” the Kapamilya actor stated. But, known for being a responsible brother, Daniel would make sure that his siblings are all in a good state first before he settles down.