BELLE: “I’ve never been more of myself as a mother.”

It Girl Isabelle Daza graces the set of Tonight with Boy Abunda in a simple white-shirt-and-jeans combo and with hair tied in a messy bun. She admits not having enough time to fix her look but her beauty is not marred by the simplicity she chose to exhibit.

Belle, as what her friends call her, says she has never been more aware of herself when she became a mother. During her younger years, Belle had nothing in mind but her work and career. Now that she has entered motherhood, Belle has become more aligned with her purpose in life – being a mom. The Playhouse star says motherhood is her compass- the basic thing that leads her to where she wants to be. 

Sharing more of her principles as a mom, Isabelle reveals not wanting to hear others call her son guwapo. Spending almost her entire life under the spotlight of showbiz of social media, Belle doesn’t want people focusing on her child’s physical appearance. She doesn’t want her son, Balthazar Gabriel, to grow up thinking that looks is the most important element that makes up his identity.

Isabelle, herself, was born in fame. She comes from a clan of well-known celebrities, yet, she doesn’t want Baltie to grow up feeling entitled.