Beauty, nagpasalamat sa kung gaano ka-supportive si Norman sa kanyang showbiz projects

As a child, Beauty Gonzalez dreamt of putting her own private cemetery business. She envisioned providing the dead with unique caskets; for instance, a rainbow-colored coffin for an LGBTQ member or a pencil-case-inspired casket for a teacher. But, fate has steered Beauty into a different direction. Instead, she has landed unto the world of showbiz.

Beauty’s entry in the entertainment industry was far from smooth-sailing. She wasn’t greeted by an instant fame. Beauty had to start from the bottom doing mostly best friend roles or even just a quick appearance in a teleserye. Despite playing just a minor character, Beauty would always give her all-out acting skills in order to somehow leave a mark in the audience. “Para mahagip ng camera”, the actress said in jest.  She knew she had to double her efforts even if it meant treating the scriptwriters with snacks or coffee just so, she would be given longer dialogues to utter.

But, just like anyone else who struggled in the industry, Beauty experienced some low points as well. There were times when she got affected with the bashing and the critiques underestimating her talent. She felt insecure with her contemporaries’ success until Beauty realized that she somehow needed a make-over to attract more projects. Beauty was struck with a comment telling her that she didn’t look inspirational due to her quite plump figure.

Beauty’s determination slowly glided her unto offers to do lead roles. Knowing that she has worked hard for her success, Beauty was honest to admit that she fears losing her showbiz career. This, according to the actress, is the only thing she’s terrified of. She isn’t even scared of death or breaking-up with husband Norman Crisologo in case of infidelity.

Beauty married Norman, a businessman and art curator, in 2017. Beauty said that Norman is supportive not just of her artistry but her ‘crazy’ antics as well. In a past TWBA interview, the Kadenang Ginto star revealed that she composed her email address with the words “spank me norman”. She didn’t know that her husband has done something more hilarious when he set their home’s WIFI connection password to “eat me beauty”.

Beauty and Norman have been blessed with a daughter, Olivia, and a happy home filled with colors and art. Beauty has tried her hands on nude paintings as well and if given the chance to choose an actor as her model, she would go for Ejay Flacon, Richard Gomez and Aljur Abrenica.

Catch Beauty in the horror film “Hell Come Home,” now showing in cinemas nationwide.