Bakit nga ba nagtapos ang five-year relationship nina Pamu at Kevin?

Rumor has it that The Killer Bride stars Joshua Garcia and Alexa Ilacad have already taken their friendship to the next level. The King of Talk Boy Abunda speaks in behalf of Joshua and Alexa and clarifies that the two artists are simply friends at the moment. In Alexa’s guesting on Magandang Buhay, the young actress said she and Joshua are chat buddies on the set of The Killer Bride and they often share secrets with one another. In a separate interview, Joshua declared that he is single at the moment.

Coincidentally, Tito Boy’s guests for the September 17 episode are Neil Coleta and Pamu Pamorada, Joshua and Alex’s co-stars in The Killer Bride. When asked about what they know about the issue, Pamu revealed that there is indeed a special kind of sweetness between Joshua and Alexa. Trying to justify her answer, Pamu described Joshua as a naturally caring guy and he acts that way towards everyone on the set.

Avid viewers of The Killer Bride call Neil and Pamu as the new breed of the Marvin Agustin and Jolina Magdangal loveteam. Their roles, Tsoknat and Intoy, are known for their cute quarrel and kilig scenes. Tsoknat is obsessed with Intoy, her crush. But, Intoy often appears annoyed with Tsoknat’s clinginess.

Neil revealed that he has an ability to feel the presence of paranormal spirits. As a child, Neil even had a ghostly buddy whom he named as Eklok. Horror made Tito Boy get up from his seat when Neil mentioned about having creepy and strange feelings in the studio.

Neil is currently in a relationship with online influencer Joshie Bonnevie. The couple has been together for five years now but wedding plans are still far from their minds.

On the other hand, Pamu has already broken up with boyfriend Kevin Fowler, her fellow Pinoy Big Brother graduate. Pamu claims that their split up did not really end with a closure. She isn’t sure if a third party was involved in the break-up and she no longer wants to know the answers, either. Although, Pamu is certain that the long distance between them was one factor that added to the struggle of sustaining their relationship. Pamu is no longer friends with Kevin but she has surely moved on from the heartache.

As a first-timer in the TWBA hot seat, Pamu took on the Fast Talk Challenge where she named Neil as the sexiest man in the Philippines. “Lampara”, Pamu’s witty response with the question, “lights on or lights off”. Tito Boy makes a jest on how Pamu almost shouted at him when asked the ultimate TWBA question – sex or chocolates.