Ano ang kayang isakripisyo ni Angel para sa fiance na si Neil?

It is easy to tell that Angel Locsin has finally found ‘the one’ she deserves. Even before the romantic engagement was announced and induced cheesy ‘awww’ reactions from spectators, there were signs telling us that Angel is ready to settle down.

In a TWBA Dressing Room Exclusive first aired in January 2019, Angel revealed that she and boyfriend Neil Arce call each other “My hal.” It was supposed to be “My Love” and “Mahal” but Angel unintentionally jumbled the words, coining their unique pet name.

When asked about their first kiss, the Kapamilya actress failed to remember the exact date when it happened. Instead, she made it up to us by sharing details of their anniversary celebration last January 21, 2019. It was their first year as a couple but their friendship started a few years back.

According to Angel, the most romantic thing Neil had done for her was pulling off a surprise birthday bash. Angel is the kind of person who loves planning and executing birthday surprises for her friends and family but she rarely experiences one. Neil unexpectedly made this secret wish come true and she will always cherish that moment

If there is one thing that she would willingly sacrifice for her beau, it would be none other than her refrigerator. It may sound silly to some but for Angel, her refrigerator is her life. She loves anything cold, thus, giving up her fridge is a big deal. In a previous interview, Neil said that he would sacrifice bacon for Angel’s sake.

In light of the couple’s love for food, Angel described her relationship with Neil as masarap. Boy Abunda asked her, “ano ang lasa ng relasyon ninyo?" to which Angel replied, "parang boodle fight."

At that time, Angel was busy shooting for her teleserye The General’s Daughter, so when asked how she would react to Neil’s marriage proposal, our favorite Darna replied with, “He knows I would say no because I have priorities.” But, that wouldn’t mean that she doesn’t see her future in him. Everything is just a matter of time. True enough, the engagement finally happened five months later.