Anne Curtis, may mga ibinuking sa ilang ‘It Girls’

Anne Curtis returns to the big screen with her newest film “Just A Stranger” with Marco Gumabao and visited Tonight With Boy Abunda to talk about the project, how she and her husband Erwan Heussaff trust each other, other personal matters that relate to the film’s narrative, her expensive collectibles, and the strangest things about her closest friends. 

Anne revealed that starting a conversation with a stranger is the sexiest thing she has done.  Answering questions related to her new film, Anne agreed that love has no rules and believes that trust is sufficient for the relationship not to have established spoken rules. 

Boy Abunda noted that some girls usually cross the line when it comes to her husband, Erwan Heussaff, who is a good-looking lad with a heart of gold. Thus, girls tend to have a crush on him forgetting that he’s already a married man. Anne then jokingly shared that her huge name in the industry helps since Erwan can’t make a wrong move that could prove scandalous to either their marriage or her career. “We trust each other so much,” she revealed, adding that they don’t have restrictive rules in their relationship. They don’t even regularly text or message each other on their whereabouts since they don’t feel the need to do so, having established a strong sense of trust. 

When asked if she’s ever been someone’s secret, Anne answered, “I have been.” The It’s Showtime host admitted that being someone’s secret was not only hard but also painful, “I would never want to experience that again.” She clarified that she wasn’t a third party but they couldn’t just publicize the relationship. 

Unknown to most, Anne is a very sentimental and nostalgic person and so, she likes to collect and keep things that are memorable to her. She showed the King Of Talk some of the things she has kept over the years. Firstly, she showed a plate that she drew on back in 1989 when she was only 4 years old. She shared that she has a huge bookshelf where she keeps most of her collectibles. 

Everyone knows that she’s a Audrey Hepburn lover. Anne has the complete collection of Audrey Hepburn edition of Barbie dolls. Additionally, she said she won expensive bids at Christies for some of Hepburn’s personal items including several of her black bows. When asked if the bows were costly, Anne shared, “nothing is expensive if it’s Audrey Hepburn, my idol.”

Up next is a ring that her dad owned and given to her as a gift for her 30th birthday. She shared that she wore that ring on her wedding day as her “something blue” to conform to the theme. She also showed the first ever ring that her mom bought for herself and was also given to her on her 30th birthday as a gift. Of course, Anne also kept their wedding cake topper which her sister and bridesmaid, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, gave her. “These are things that I’ll never let go,” she refuses to throw away things that mean so much to her. 

Anne revealed the strangest things about her closest friends. She jokingly said that she doesn’t understand how Vhong Navarro is lighter skinned than she is, “’Yung legs niya mas maputi talaga sa’kin.” Anne’s fellow “It Girl,” Isabelle Daza, she said, normally complains about the amount of cat fur scattered around their house. But when Isabelle brings her kid, she allows and even encourages him to play with the cats. She revealed that Solenn Heussaff, her close friend and sister-in-law, still feels bloated on some days even if she’s one of the sexiest stars in the industry. Her sister, Jasmine, she bared has bigger feet than her, “I find it so strange kasi I’m taller than her.” As for Vice Ganda, she said, “I find it strange na kaya niyang matulog na may make-up.” She shared that the Unkabogable Star usually sleeps with her make-up on even though they both know that it’s bad for the skin. And lastly, she revealed that she eats a lot more than her husband, “I find it so strange that I have a bigger appetite than Erwan.” 

Watch the TWBA interview with Anne Curtis in this video.