Angelica, may bwelta sa mga mabilis na nanghuhusga sa kanya

Tonight with Boy Abunda kicked off its 4th anniversary celebration with a Dressing Room Exclusive featuring two ‘unbreakable’ women in the industry – Bea Alonzo and Angelica Panganiban. In light of their movie, “Unbreakable,” which explores female friendship, Bea and Angelica shared the ups and downs that forged a strong real-life bond between them.

Known for her candid personality, Angelica doesn’t want much from a companion but authenticity. Angelica is admittedly a jealous type of a friend especially when she feels left out. But feeling jealous is simply Angelica’s means of showing affection.

Bea, on her part, does not like gathering all her friends in a single occasion. She would rather give her full attention to each clique she belongs to. Bea defines a true friend as someone who is present not just on the happy days but especially in times of despair.

Angelica and Bea, who fondly call each other ‘Mami’, prove that genuine friendship can still blossom even amid differences. For instance, Angelica could casually blurt out things about intimate matters which Bea is not comfortable doing.

The two award-winning actresses looked back on the times when they grew apart in their friendship. Controversies got in the way when, at one time, Bea and Angelica broke up with Zanjoe Marudo and John Lloyd Cruz, respectively- igniting rumors linking Bea with John Lloyd, her long-time on-screen partner. The “Unbreakable” stars clarified that they never had a fight. They simply didn’t have the guts to reach out. 

Angelica recalled an instance when she did not help but poke fun at Bea at an intimate party they both attended. Jericho Rosales, Bea’s crush, approached her closely to tell her something but she misread his actions and kissed him goodbye instead.

On the topic about social media, Bea and Angelica are certain that no amount of online bashing would affect their friendship. Yet, they do not deny its impact on their individual lives especially with Angelica who is often misinterpreted with her straightforward statements. Angelica admitted that she feels bad for being judged too easily. Meanwhile, Bea simply learned to embrace her power of using social media to impart lessons to others.