Andrea on Seth: “Gusto ko din siyang suportahan.”

Dubbed as the next KathNiel, rising love team Seth Fedelin and Andrea Brillantes are overwhelmed with the positive feedback they get from fans and audiences. Yet, they do not deny the pressure that comes with being compared with one of this generation’s hottest pair.

In this TWBA interview, Andrea confessed that she has long been a huge fan of KathNiel and she even prayed to have her own Daniel Padilla someday, not exactly the same type of guy but just a love team partner who would help her make it big in the industry. When Seth uttered a pick-up line on their first scene together in Kadenang Ginto, Andrea knew that he was God’s answer to her prayers.

While he is flattered with the comparison, Seth said he wants the SethDrea love team to leave its own mark.
Seth and Andrea answered questions about the significance of June 23 in their relationship and the meaning behind “Ali”, their term of endearment. The Kadenang Ginto stars explained that June 23 is not an anniversary date. It simply marks the day when Seth invited Andrea at his brother’s birthday celebration.

Andrea recalled that event, saying it was the first time she met Seth’s family and got to know her on-screen partner better. They prayed together in church after the blessing of Seth’s auto. On that same day, Andrea heard Seth saying, “Magkakaroon din ako niyan at gusto ko kasama kita,” while staring at a big house. That moment, Andrea felt Seth’s determination to work hard for his goals and it made her want to be supportive of Seth’s ambitions in return.

On the question about their nickname for each other, Seth and Andrea revealed that “Ali” stands for ‘Akin Lamang Ikaw’. Yet, they clarified that they are not yet in a courtship phase.

Gold Squad’s SethDrea played a special edition of the Fast Talk Challenge. Seth compared Andrea to a sunflower as she looks like sunshine to him. He revealed that he had Andrea’s photo as a wallpaper even before he jumped into showbiz. Seth assured Andrea that he is willing to wait until she’s ready for a more serious relationship.

Andrea described Seth as mabait, makulit, and masarap kasama. When asked if she would feel jealous in case Seth gets another love team partner, Andrea said yes. Andrea also confirmed that Seth stands a chance in case he decides to pursue her.

SethDrea invited fans to catch their debut film “Wild Little Love” streaming soon on iWant.