Andrea, may advice kay Francine tungkol sa showbiz

Tonight with Boy Abunda welcomes two fast-rising teen stars of today who are currently starring in their very own drama on Kapamilya Gold. The Kandenang Ginto stars Francine Diaz and Andrea Brillantes sit down with the one and only King of Talk, Boy Abunda to talk about their new drama series and how their friendship began.

Many of us would recognize these young actresses in previous Kapamilya programs such as Annaliza (2013) where Andrea Brilliantes played the titular role and The Blood Sisters (2018) where Francine Diaz played Ginny Solomon, the eldest daughter of a child trafficking underboss, played by Mr. Ian de Leon. Although relatively new to the industry, these young stars have proven that age is but a number and showcased talent and skills in their craft that goes beyond their youth. The showbiz industry is like a concrete jungle; one that requires its artists to live boldly in order to shine brightly. With that being said, confidence is key to a successful career.

Having been in the business a few years earlier than Francine, Andrea gives her tips on how to be confident. She tells her co-star that the key is to love yourself; to learn to trust and believe in one’s capacity. In addition to that, Andrea also advises to make God your best friend and to always make sure to include hHm in all your endeavors as well as to thank Him for all His blessings no matter how small they may be.

On talks of their careers, Tito Boy asks Andrea if there was a time in her life in show business that she felt disappointed for not being able to get a role to which the young actress easily answers that she felt sad for not being able to get the role in “Mutya”; reasoning that her dream role is to be a mermaid.