Andre to Lou: “I love you. And I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it.”

The set of Tonight with Boy Abunda was filled with love as controversial Pinoy Big Brother Otso housemates, and now a couple,  Lou Yanong and Andre Brouillette faced each other and spoke their promises. Lou volunteered first as she admits not being good at words, so she would rather leave the finale to Andre. Lou has known Andre a lot better through their stint inside the PBB house and; she knows that Andre got used to being alone and just keeping his thoughts to himself. She reminded Andre that he can always speak his mind to her as she will always be there to listen. Lou added that she will always have the patience and love Andre forever.

Before anything else, Andre assured Lou that his words are true and rooted from his heart. He is aware that most people, especially the bashers, question the authenticity of their relationship. Yet, Andre vowed to always love Lou with all his heart. “I love you and I will not say it if I do not mean it”, Andre declared.

After their vows, Lou and Andre held hands while looking at each other in the eyes. Then, Andre gave Lou playful kisses on the shoulders. Tito Boy did not help but comment on Lou and Andre’s melting look of love.

On a sid enote, Lou revealed that their fellow housemate, Tori Garcia was the last girl she got jealous with. Andre, on the other hand, said that he doesn’t really get jealous as much because Lou doesn’t give him the reason to feel so.

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