Denise on her boyfriend Sol Mercado: “I want to respect his privacy”

With her sexy curves and oozing appeal, Denise Laurel is an ultimate body goal. But even with her figure, the singer-actress reveals that she once experienced body shaming while at work. Denise thinks that commenting on one’s body is an undeniable part of Pinoy culture. But she wishes that people would be more sensitive towards others and that everyone would learn to love the shape they are in, adding that there’s no mistake in God’s creations.

Moving forward from the incident, Denise goes back to her roots- which is singing. Her single, “Love You Anyway” is now out on digital music stores. Apart from this, her television series The Haunted is wrapping up for its final episode on Sunday, February 9. She portrays the role of a ghost madly in love with Jordan, played by Jake Cuenca, her brother in the industry. The two are best friends, so Denise considers her intimate scenes with Jake as the most challenging thing she did in her entire career. There were surely awkward moments between them but they remained professionals and managed to pull-off the on-screen romance.

On the topic about her love life, Denise reacts to fans’ observation that she seems elusive when asked about cager boyfriend, Sol Mercado. Denise explains that she simply wants to respect Sol’s privacy. Further, she opts not to be pressured about their relationship and wedding plans. 

The Kapamilya actress shares that she totally admires Sol’s intense passion for basketball. She sees her man as a committed team player who never runs out of the desires to help, teach, and protect those around him. He has a strong personality, Denise adds and this might be the reason why he gets misinterpreted at times.

To end the night, the hot momma takes on TWBA’s Fast Talk Challenge. She loves chocolates more than vanilla and considers them as her guilty pleasure. Sol’s scent is her favorite smell while she considers “I love you, Mama” as the best sound she ever heard. Denise names Sol as the sexiest man in the Philippines and goes for his shoulders when asked about the sexiest part of his body. Denise giddily says that she is looking forward to another team-up with Rafael Rosell.