3 most touching revelations on Tonight With Boy Abunda

Tonight With Boy Abunda has made touching revelations about our favorite artists in the past three years of airing, making all of us relate and identify with all that they are going through not as celebrities but as individuals.

We see them well up in tears as they reveal a terrible heartache, ordeal, or misfortune, and we feel their pain and in turn share the hardships they go through but would become inspired with the way the overcome it and become better persons.

In celebration of TWBA’s third anniversary, here are three of the most moving emotional moments on the late night talk show that made us reach for that tissue.

1. Joshua Garcia opening up about misunderstanding with Julia Barretto

Joshua Garcia was on a romp over his successful slew of teleserye and movie stints, not to mention his endearing love team with on and off-screen partner Julia Barretto. This was until a controversy about a rash Instagram comment on a stranger’s account almost ruined his celebrated rise, and of course his relationship with Julia.

In his appearance on the show, Joshua opened up about the pain he felt and the lessons he learned.

2. “Ate Girl” Jackque affected by negative comments

Ate Girl” Jackque Gonzaga was interviewed at the height of her meteoric rise as a popular figure on It’s Showtime as part of a playful, fun tandem with Vice Ganda. While she was overwhelmed with the fame and touched by the affection from her followers, Jackque however said negative comments about her popularity, questioning her abilities and even the “right” to get so much attention have really deeply hurt her.

In this video, we see Jackque show her unbridled emotions over these brickbats, and how she handles them.

3. Nathalie Hart on things that hurt her the most

A lot can be said about Nathalie Hart, and she doesn’t mind any adverse or damaging comment or insult hurled against her. What really hurts her, though, is when she is unable to support her family, which is source of happiness and strength.

As we see in her moving interview, Nathalie would sacrifice anything for her family, especially her brothers who’d defend her whatever it takes.

These touching emotional moments certainly made the show more than just a venue for engaging and fun conversations. It has also been a trusted platform for celebrities to bare their true selves and express real emotions for viewers to understand and appreciate them.

Watch more revealing interviews with our favorite celebrities on Tonight With Boy Abunda, weeknights after Pinoy Big Brother Otso on Primetime Bida.