8 times Tito Boy learned new things from celebrity guests on TWBA

Apart from digging deep about the lives of celebrities appearing on his show, King of Talk Boy Abunda is also game to learn new things from his guests. Proving how spontaneous he is, Tito Boy would ask his guests to demonstrate and teach him stunts, tricks or dance moves they had discussed in the on-air conversation on Tonight With Boy Abunda.

Let’s take a look at eight of these fun moments.

1. Muay Thai Moves with Erich Gonzales

When Tito Boy learned Erich Gonzales did all her stunts in her movie “We Will Not Die Tonight,” he asked her to demonstrate the basic Muay Thai moves she did in the film, which he tried to learn on the spot.

2. Action Stunts with Jolo and Luigi Revilla

Tito Boy requested brothers Jolo and Luigi Revilla to show everyone how their action stunts were done in the movie “Tres.” When Jolo and Luigi showed how they did their action sequences, Tito Boy acted as if he was on the receiving end of their punches and kicks.

3. Cha-cha Steps with Ion Perez

When Kuya Escort Ion Perez’s guested, Tito Boy asked if he could learn his famous “chacha” dance on It’s Showtime. Ion obliged and taught him the “wacky” move step by step.


4. Chambe Dance with Alex and Toni Gonzaga

Intrigued by Toni and Alex Gonzaga’s viral Chambe Dance, Tito Boy asked the sisters how it came about. They revealed that the dance revolved around their fondness and affection for Toni’s son Seve, who first did the cute jig. And, they taught Tito Boy the endearing dance steps to the tune of Alex’s hit song “Chambe Chambe”

5. Basketball Tricks with Grae Fernandez

After receiving a basketball as an “abundant gift” from the show, Grae Fernandez was very much delighted. Noticing this, Tito Boy asked Grae if he could teach him some basketball moves and tricks. As Tito Boy followed Grae’s basketball moves, that “tutorial” on TWBA led to viral memes rendering the multi-awarded host as an animated top player for the national team, exhibiting sleek handles and moves.

6. Mixed Martial Arts Moves with Ali Abinal

“Fascinated” with the fact that Ali Abinal practices mixed martial arts, Tito Boy asked the Pinoy Big Brother Otso ex-teen housemate to teach him some basic MMA moves, which included take-down and choking techniques. The celebrity guest also shared some of the secrets in winning a fight.

7. Football with Rhys Eugenio

Sharing how knowledgeable he is in rugby and American football, Pinoy Big Brother ex-teen housemate Rhys Eugenio demonstrated some basic moves in the sport, which he imparted to an inquisitive Tito Boy.

8. Moon Face Photo Challenge with Ria Atayde

After showing Ria Atayde’s “moon face” photo, Tito Boy asked the actress how such photographic effect is achieved. Ria demonstrated how a tissue paper roll used to frame a face in a camera phone and produce a moon face photo. Ria would then take humorous moon face photos of herself and Tito Boy on her phone.

Tito Boy has indeed proved us that he is always up for any challenge, especially trying new things with his guests. Watch out for more celebrity challenges on Tonight with Boy Abunda, weeknights after Pinoy Big Brother Otso.