Kapamilya celebrities who almost bid showbiz farewell

Certainly, there's a point in our lives when we almost feel like quitting because the situation or problem is too overwhelming to handle or too difficult to endure. But just when we're on the brink of completely giving up, a life-changing realization would spark on us, ensuing to our change of heart and renewed vigor to keep on doing what we're doing and be stronger than what we were before.

Just like these Kapamilya celebrities who confessed on Tonight With Boy Abunda that they almost called it quits with the job they love.

Carlo Aquino

Being one of the most recognized and most sought-after teen stars of his generation, those who have witnessed his journey presumably thought that Carlo's luster would be consistently shining. However, the time came when he didn't receive any acting project, leaving many of us thinking that he perhaps already stepped out of the spotlight.

In his interview with the King of Talk Boy Abunda last year, he divulged that he felt resentment towards the industry to which he devoted almost his whole life and began to question his credibility as an actor.

"Na-depress ako. Siyempre bata pa lang ang dami na pong papuri, inuulan ka ng 'ang galing-galing mo'," he recalled. "Totoo ba na magaling ako? Kasi gustong-gusto ko po 'tong ginagawa ko e. Mahal ko 'yong pag-arte."

He also divulged having thoughts on going to America but hesitated since he didn't have any idea of what he's going to do there. Instead, he diverted his focus on his another love -- music -- until he was given the opportunity to make a comeback on acting.

KZ Tandingan

From the way she sings to how she physically projects herself, KZ Tandingan is definitely one-of-a-kind. Because of her boldness and uniqueness, she has earned the admiration of her fans.

But unbeknownst to us, she almost lost her battle on showcasing her genuine self on the early years of her musical career.

"Siguro mga first few years na parang nafe-feel ko po na dahan-dahan nang nawawala kung sino po talaga ako as an artist. Kasi parang no'ng simula, [sinabi ko] 'ito po kasi talaga ako as an artist', [pero sabi nila] 'hindi, ito ka muna. Hindi ka tatanggapin ng mga tao'. Triny kong mag-conform pero hirap na hirap ako," the Soul Supreme related to the King of Talk.

Thus, she is very grateful that the Lord touched her and directed her to set aside her plan of going back to Mindanao and continue her education and to stay as a musician.

Kathryn Bernardo

At 22, we can say that Kathryn is overly blessed to already have everything people of her age arguably yearn to have as well -- stunning beauty, successful career, comfortable life, and a blissful romance.

However, behind the famous and glamourous young woman she is and the almost perfect life she lives now is a damsel in distress who still questions her worth as an actress, gets affected by the snide comments thrown at her, and feels tired of the grueling demands of the industry she's in. So, it wasn't impossible for her to consider bidding farewell to the world where she grew up and that molded her to be who she is at the present.

"Hindi naman 'yong 'ayaw ko na'. Parang kinuwestiyon ko lang 'yong sarili ko, 'yong kakayahan ko. Lahat," she imparted, referring to how her La Luna Sangre stint took a toll on her.

Then the Queen Of Hearts continued, "Dami mong nagawa tapos parang ang hirap, lalo no'ng nag-boom 'yong social media. Ang daming nagkukuwestiyon, ang daming opinyon. Alam kong ‘di mo siya dapat pansinin pero minsan talaga mapapansin mo siya, and pumasok siya sa akin for a time, especially no'ng La Luna Sangre. Hanggang 'yon, na-overcome ko rin siya no'ng La Luna Sangre also."


Enrique Gil

Having a continuously skyrocketing career, it really came as a surprise when Enrique disclosed that he used to ponder quitting show business. Although he's grateful for the opportunities given to him, he stated that after all, he's striving to do his best right now because of his family and his on-and-off-screen sweetheart, Liza Soberano.

"Parang you just get to the point na everything's fast forwarding to me," he shared.

He then added, "If it's not for my family, I wouldn't be doing this. I was really pushed into showbiz because of my dad."


Angel Locsin

Because of her impeccable portrayal of the famous Filipina heroine Darna, the character has since then been attached to her. Thus, when the news of a modern incarnation is in the works erupted, her ardent fans strongly clamored for her to be picked once more as the iconic character.

Even though it was indeed the original plan, a serious spine injury and a few personal reasons hinder her to do it again. Thankfully, the management has always been so understanding and supportive of her decisions.

When asked by the King of Talk if turning her back to the entertainment scene at least crossed her mind, she sincerely told him, "Naisip ko siya, walang halong ka-plastikan. Kasi ano pa bang ipapakita ko? Kredibilidad ko 'to e. So, what's next?"

We might not be able to see her fly and punish the baddies as Darna again, but Angel regularly amazes us with her unmistakable flair in fighting scenes and drama as Rhian Bonifacio in the primetime series The General's Daughter.

Jed Madela

It has been years since he brought pride and recognition to our country when he won the prestigious World Championship of the Performing Arts (WCOPA) and later on become one of the most omnipresent OPM singers in the Kapamilya network.

But without us knowing, Jed had struggled to keep his place in the industry.

"I kinda felt irrelevant. I kinda felt insignificant na parang ang daming naglalabasang bago, ang daming naglalabasan na mas magagaling, na mas makakagat ng audience. There was a point na sinabi ko na parang pagod na ako. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I pushed myself -- I try to perform kung anong uso. Sige, sundan natin. Sumasakay ako pero parang wala," he imparted.

And that was five to six years ago, so he was thankful that he surrounded himself with the right people who he can talk to.

Seeing our fave and beloved artists in their most sincere moments is somehow a delightful sight as we get to know them better and determine the "hugot" behind their compelling performances.