Netizens pick most favorite moments in Tonight With Boy Abunda fun segments

In the past three years, Tonight with Boy Abunda has given us the full package of incisive, comprehensive and entertaining interviews with the country’s biggest stars. As the show enamors us, it also offers excitingly fun segments in addition to those revealing conversations.

As part of its third anniversary celebration, TWBA conducted an online poll on their official Twitter account asking netizens what were their most favorite moments on three different fun segments on the show.

The Best Truth or Dare Challenge

For the Truth or Dare Challenge on TWBA’s Online Exclusives, netizens voted for Donny Pangilinan and Kisses Delavin’s appearance on the segment as their most favorite. Here, DonKiss took slips of paper from a bowl that showed questions which they would either answer truthfully or choose not to but take a dare.

DonKiss won over other love teams who took the challenge, such as JuanBie, CarGel, KathNiel and JoshLia,

The Best in 5 in 45

For the Best 5 in 45 moment, netizens crowned Loisa Andalio for having the most adored ‘5 in 45’ stint on the show. Loisa won over the other nominees namely Maris Racal, Kim Chiu, Julia Montes and Anne Curtis for this category.

In the segment, the gorgeous Loisa revealed five personal trivia within 45 seconds. And she amazingly did so, with some nine or eight seconds still left on the clock!

The Best in Fast Talk

As for the popular Fast Talk, netizens chose MayWard’s appearance as their most loved Fast Talk on the TWBA. Most of the time, Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber gave the same answers to the questions from the King of Talk Boy Abunda simultaneously, side by side!

MayWard bested other nominees such as LizQuen, JaDine, Vice Ganda and Coco Martin.

As Tonight With Boy Abunda starts its fourth year, more fun-filled moments are sure to come our way! Catch it weeknights after Pinoy Big Brother Otso on Primetime Bida.