PAANDAR 2017: Tonight With Boy Abunda’s unique and amusing interview gimmicks


Ever since it started two years ago, we knew by then that Tonight With Boy Abunda is going to be one-of-a-kind and well-loved late night talk show. Aside from it is slated in the primetime block, it also put the celebrity talk show format to a different level because of the King of Talk’s extraordinary style of questioning.


From the hearty and amusing conversations we usually see in other programs of the same genre, the show used creative and unconventional ways to ask the most intriguing questions to their guests every night. Here are the five interview gimmicks they came up with this year.


Golden Mirror



We believe that many of us has the habit of talking with our reflection in the mirror. Admit it! Thus, Boy Abunda got his special golden mirror out from time to time to ask the guest stars about their thoughts and feelings. It is through this portion that we’re able to hear the most heartfelt and kilig revelations on TV.



Few of the questions thrown were -- how they’re going to describe the person in it, what’s their advice to their younger or present selves, or whose name is currently engraved in their hearts apart from their family and relatives.


Roleta ng Tanong



Actress-singer Rachel Alejandro was the buena mano to try this innovative technique. After spinning the little wheel of queries, she had to answer the questions that corresponded to the numbers where the pin stopped. Her responses regarding her gender preference in another life and the most life-changing decision she did really left us stoked.

5 in 45



Cager-turned-actor Benjie Paras took this challenge effortlessly as he was able to impart the five unknown facts about him under 45 seconds. It was revealed that he has a great fascination in watching television and a very hands-on father to his four sons.


Red Envelopes (“2 Be Honest”)



TWBA marked its second year anniversary via the “2 Be Honest” segment, wherein the guests had to pick one red envelope which contained the much-talked about issue involving them. Four pairs of celebrities underwent this and truly satisfied us with their answers.


Fast Talk



The most popular of all. Our nights have never been so exciting as Tito Boy pressures the guests to either choose between two options or immediately blurt out an answer to a tricky question. A witty way of knowing our favorite stars deeper! And when it was Maureen Wroblewitz’s turn on the hot seat, people can’t get enough of her answer to Tito Boy’s question comparing herself with Liza Soberano, a video that racked in the most number of views online.


TWBA Test (Tama o Mali)






If Paulo Avelino and Boyband PH thought that they’re already done with the typical Tama o Mali quiz, they’re definitely wrong. The talk show host introduced a new portion dubbed as the TWBA Test, wherein he would read statements and the celebrity guests have to verify those by answering tama (true) or mali (false).


Will TWBA come up with another bizarre interview style in 2018? Let’s watch for it!